Elton John Eyewear Sold At Auction


Thousands have been paid for some some Sir. Elton Johns Eyewear” (www.nytimes.com/1988/09/07/arts/pop-ephemera-auction-elton-john-s-collection.html?pagewanted=1)

Public interest seemed strongest in the daytime sale, which featured Mr. John’s collection of rock memorabilia and his flamboyant costumes and eyeglasses.

Elton John Eyewear that lights up

Bidding was particularly keen for the more than 50 pairs of Mr. John’s elaborately decorated spectacles. The Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles, which purchased more than 20 items today, paid $16,830 for a battery-operated pair that light up and spell Elton. Nearly all of the eyeglasses topped $1,500, including a damaged pair of rhinestone-lined frames.

Angelo Mazzonetto, whose Italian company Safilo makes spectacles, purchased more than eight pairs, including a $4,114 pair trimmed with feathers, for his company’s eyeglass museum. ”But the piano-shaped frames, which I wanted, were too expensive,” he said. They sold for $3,927. A Disappointed Look-Alike

Mitch Phillips, an automobile parts salesman who traveled here from Cleveland for the sale, was

Elton John The Piano Man

also disappointed by the high prices. Dressed for the occasion in an Elton John-esque suit, straw boater and big eyeglasses, he made do with three color photographs of the singer in concert for $710. ”The sunglasses were more than I could afford,” he said.’

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