Eighteen Eyewear Entrepreneurs

Optoid 3D Printed Eyewear as seen on Twitter

The problem with doing only one eyecare list for ‘Entrepreneur Day’ is many get missed out. The eyecare offices that are doing ‘lenses only’, mobile opticians, the optical shops that integrated vintage , into their dispensary. We haven’t even touched equipment and consultants

But we did pull together 18 Eyewear Eyecare Entrepreneurs, who are eyecare professionals in the United States that have either created their on product lines or have created a unique speciality in eyewear.

1.) Vintage Eyewear online: When I saw this story, I thought how perfect is this!  This guy started his vintage eyewear business by setting up a ‘pop-up’ in a friends store. If you love eyewear and love to shop flea markets, used clothing stores, this could be a perfect opportunity. Re-sell the goods via Etsy, ebay and Amazon.

2.) Historic Eyewear Company: Another way to get into vintage eyewear is to do historical eyewear like Thomas Valenza. They recreate vintage eyewear from the 1800’s and sell it.

3.) Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh is an optician out San Francisco area who started Bex’s Specs an limited edition eyewear company inspired by the streets of San Francisco. Only 250 units of each style are made. 

4.) Gazal Saeed Tabrizipour another optician who started her own eyewear line called Gazal Eyewear. Their catch phrase: designed in Atlanta, made in Japan.

5.) Maria Dellapina, another optician who created the only eyewear for special needs kids back in 2004. Specs4us was especially created for children with Downs Syndrome and other special needs. She has received many awards and is now global.

6.) David Keith of  Spex Wax  This San Diego based optician was challenged by his boss, Phil Harris (Optician) to make eyewear from Vinyl Records and he did. 

A few enterprising eyecare professionals are giving back.

7 .) Fred Stellhorn OD started Contacts For Good . Online contact lens company, that when a consumer buys contact lenses through the site an eye exam is donated.

8 Eye Love The Sun a one for one company. Owned by an optometrists,  Jenna and Travis Zigler, they give back to the Eye Care Loves Foundation. 

9.) Femie Eyewear  5% of the net are donated to Optometry Giving Sight. Started by Cerella Rainey OD. She saw a need for eyewear for larger women.

10 Rejwan Eyewear   Dr. Sol Regwan started this online company to give back in 2012.

11.) Blake Kuwahara OD, graduated from Berkeley and is eyewear designer. Several years ago he started his own eyewear collection. He can be seen at Vision Expo’s.

12.) Todd Rogers Eyewear was launched in 2009 by optician Todd Rogers. He has an optical shop and can be seen at Vision Expo.

13.) Labrabbit Optical (Chicago, IL) Coyote DeGroot,  owner and Optician who has brought in his own frame line. Also deals in Vintage Eyewear. He does wholesale the product.

Mazzucchelli acetate, + 10k gold rivets. Handmade in Japan. Limited Edition of 80 pieces per color: Labrabbit. com

14.) Norman Childs Eyewear from Eyetique a well known optical retailer based in Pennslyvania. He can be seen at Vision Expos.

15.) Silver Lining Opticians a brick and mortar optical retailer in New York, came out with their first eyewear collection in 2016. First seen at Vision Expo East 2016.

16.) James Kim OD from Brooklyn, NY, Optoid 3D Print optometric is one of the first to promote and sell 3D eyewear from his optometric office. Hi digital optical dispensary of custom eyeglass frames designed and 3D printed on premises and hand-finished with quality prescription lenses.

Optoid 3D Printed Eyewear as seen on Twitter

17.) Vernon Gantry Eyewear: Optometrists from Long Island City, NY, launched this collection in 2016. Dealer locator on the website.

18.) Faive Kovalis, another optometrist from Germany and hailing now from Denver, launched SmartOD as a distributor of value priced optical products.


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