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Triton Surfboard Disply by Optylux
Triton Surfboard Disply by Optylux


One of great advantages of going to a trade show is seeing new product and how EFFECTIVELY it is displayed. I wish that we could see this repeated as well in the optical retail environment. It is of course a lot different as each company and/or brand is displaying just their product and images which is a lot easier than displaying several together. Plus it is just for a few days so the clutter does not accumulate!  I really love this surfboard display of Triton Sunglasses by Optylux. It is a great example of an effective optical display. I admit, I am a little biased, I don’t surf but do live in a surf town. What a great optical display though whether or not your office is at the coast or in the mid-west. The image and feel helps to get your customer into the “buying sunglasses’ mood!

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  1. hello Drs & Opticians/Retailers the most effective displays are the simple ones. Window displays are all about repitition repitition repitition. You can take toilet paper & paper towels & make a great display. Cereal boxes with a bowl & silverware & make a great display. Remember YOU are the “Brand”-not the frames that you carry. Keep it simple. In fact-some of my displays do not even include the frames. It is more about “image” than the frames that you carry. Keep it simple & repetitive. Lighting is so very important also…especially inside your business. I go into some shops & they have the lights off-especially in their display cabinets. Remember-when you open the doors every day for business…..YOU & your staff are “ON STAGE”!!
    Prepare for a great perfpormance!!
    It’s ALL about the shopping experience that your customers experience…not just the product.
    Jamie Hansel
    New York Independent Sales Rep

  2. Great post, advice from Jamie and props to Helmut @ Optylux for his creativity. So glad he did not drill the rods into that beautiful surfboard, becuase, well, I want it!
    The true paradox of the shows is the disconnect between the presentation on the floor and at retail. I’d really like to see manufacturers only displaying with available pop materials, so retailers could carry through the concept. Seriously, how many amazing frames that were bought because they looked so good at the booth end up languishing on a basic frame board? Or shall I say, frame bored? Each line has its own personality and needs to shine in store. Lining them up like little soldiers is the antithesis of good merchandising. Groupings, showing temples, good lighting, descriptor cards, cool stands(kill the lame old lucite risers, please)make lines interesting to the customer. Sadly, despite all our efforts, 90% of all optical retailers display their products poorly. Let’s look to those that do it right and to the retailers in other categories(hello Apple?,At+t,Aldo,Sony,SgHut)for guidance and inspiration.
    Feel free to contact me for examples and advice.
    Way to go OVS!!!

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