Edgy EyeCare Advertising- What Do You Think?


We often run fun eyewear advertising on our OptiFun’s, but these two ads one from a Canadian Optometrist and the other for Lasik Surgery, don’t seem to run in an opti-fun category. Both are unique and outstanding in the way they divert from the ‘traditional’ HEY come and see us to a darker look that keeps ones attention and makes you think to get the point across.

The Canadian Optometrist campaign focusses on the importance of an annual eye exam, basically get your eyes checked or something ‘dire’ might happen you, which is true, picking up the wrong RX (drugs), hunting and shooting the wrong thing, because you can’t see.

The next campaign is a GET Out of Jail (meaning your eyewear is keeping you locked up) from  Campaign is called ‘Release Your Eyes’


What is your opinion?

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  1. I think they are great, really attention getting but dhe people that really need to get their eyes checked but not be able to see “what looks better”! Seriously, I would like to see more creative advertising in this countrly, the BOGO’s and price ads are just undervalue our industry.

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