Eco Optical: Celebrating Earth Day with Nanofilm


Sunday April 22, is Earth Day. We would like to celebrate with our optical readers and ask you to share the ways you help the Earth by being green at work! We were inspired to talk to Nanofilm because of their product Clarity EcoClens Lens Cleaner* which helps keep the planet as clean and safe as it does eyeglass lenses and other optics.

Silvia Martinez

Because Nanofilm is selling an eco friendly product we guessed they must have some eco programs in the work place and they do. We guessed correctly and talked to one of their “green champions”, Silvia Martinez. Here is our interview with Silvia:

OVS: What are examples of recycling in the work environment?

SM: One example is the electronics and computers: Nanofilm updated all computers and electronics and the old ones, still working were offered to employees.

OVS: What are examples of being “green” in your place of work?

SM: We encourage employees to turn off the offices lights while leaving for a meeting or for the day and to turn off computers completely by the end of the day. We placed recycling containers for almost every possible material that we use and generate such as office paper, cardboard, batteries, bulbs, ballast, etc. We also re-use boxes for shipping and packaging materials.

OVS: Did you meet any resistance and if so what was it and how did you overcome it

SM: I just talk to managers and employees about the benefits not only for the company but also for the planet and I just let everybody know about our programs.

Overcome example: I am in charge of batteries in the building so I encourage employees to bring me the old batteries so I can give them replacements. This works pretty well.

OVS: Did your actions motivate others to do more, provide other ideas etc?

SM: I would say that people have become more aware. Now they are thinking about other options beyond the solid waste so they often come asking if we have a recycling bin for different materials.

OVS: Do any of the programs save Nanofilm money, if yes can you describe?

SM: I don’t know how much, but definitely people re-use and recycle as much as they can which saves money.

OVS: Do any of the programs cost Nanofilm money, if yes can you describe?

SM: Yes, Nanofilm pays for the most of the recycling programs. We buy prepaid recycling boxes, and we have a comingle recyclables dumpster. Since we are not a big company the recycling bins take a little while to get full.

OVS: What motivated you personally to get involved and how do you feel about it now

SM: Everybody has different answers. Mine is the challenge; how can I help and overcome situations or tasks that keep me on track learning how to get involved and involve others to work as a team. I feel I accomplish my goals with the employees. I use show and tell a lot.

OVS: Any advice you can give for individuals that want to become the “green champion” of their place of employment

SM: Speak up!! If anybody is concerned about helping to save by recycling, please speak up and share your ideas. Nobody can change anything just thinking about it, we have to do something.

* Clarity EcoClens Lens Cleaner – The eco-friendly formula is made from biodegradable components. It comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle with silk-screened graphics to eliminate label material. Plus, EcoClens is shipped in 100% recyclable corrugated cartons made from a minimum of 60% recycled materials. It’s proven safe and effective on all eyeglass lenses, including anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic surfaces.

We hope Eco Optical : Celebrating Earth Day with Nanofilm inspires you to share your eco stories and ideas.


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