Easter Eyewear 2018


It’s Easter on Sunday and Passover Tonight. It’s also the 2nd full moon or Blue Moon of March on Saturday. Whether you celebrate either religious holiday or just love a bright full moon, we want to wish you a wonderful weekend. The best part of Easter are all the wonderful colors. Whether you dye eggs with the kids or dress up to go to church, Easter is the time of great colors and wonderful pastels. We wanted to celebrate Easter by sharing a few of our Spring favorite eyewear frames and sunglasses from around the world with you.

ic Berlin Vincent in Dusty Pink

For more information on ic! Berlin eyewear, check out their website at http://www.ic-berlin.de/en_GB

OXYDO-O Number 2

For more information on OXYDO eyewear, check out their website at http://oxydoeyewear.tumblr.com.

State Optical Morgan in Mulberry Frost

For more information on State Optical, visit their website at https://www.stateopticalco.com.


Take a look at this exciting new line from Germany at https://www.fhone.com.

Leon Max 4029 124
Leon Max 4029 -089

See the entire Leon Max line of eyewear at http://www.zyloware.com/leon-max.

Etnia Barcelona Hongdae VI – TQGD
Etnia Barcelona Hongdae VI – PKHV

Check out the entire line of Etnia Barcelona eyewear at https://www.etniabarcelona.com.

Victory Optical Mile – Blue

Check out the entire Victory line of eyewear at http://www.victoryoc.com.

Bevel Christina

Check out the entire Bevel line of eyewear at http://www.bevelspecs.com.

TC-Charton Miranda

See the entire TC-Charton line at their website https://www.tc-charton.com.

Juicy Couture JU 596S- S450J

Find more Juicy Couture sunglasses on their website http://www.juicycouture.com/Accessories-Sunglasses/l/506.

Chopard SCH232S-6EYP

See the entire line of Chopard eyewear at http://www.derigo.com/eng/brands/chopard.

Kate Spade New York – Jalenas – INA90

Check out Kate Spade sunglasses at https://www.katespade.com/accessories/sunglasses-reading-glasses/


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