Duty To Warn: The Dangers Of OTC Halloween Contact Lenses


It is that time of year again, that sales of halloween/theatrical, decorative contact lenses soar. Despite the fact that people have been blinded by them.. most believe that  it will never happen to me.


The AAO said it “would like to alert consumers to the hazards of buying any decorative lenses, including circle lenses, without a prescription. Over-the-counter sales of nonprescription cosmetic lenses has been banned by law in the United States since 2005, but they are available online. All contact lenses are classified as medical devices and can only be distributed through licensed eye care professionals.

Every eyecare professional has a duty to warn and a duty to report illegal sales of contact lenses. Who do you contact?

While we have done several posts on illegal contact lenses and the dangers associated and another article that 70% of Contact Lens Cases are contaminated, we wanted to get you some resources that you can post on Facebook to your patients.

Georgia had several articles 

Mississippi Optometric Association

To report illegal contact lens sales: The State Board of Optometry phone number is 601-919-1343. Beverly Limbaugh, Executive Director, is the contact person at the office. 


  • Board of Opticians Receives about 20 reports on Illegal Contact Lenses per year

    wreg.com. Photos of Halloween contacts lenses when not fitted by an eyecare professional .
    wreg.com. Photos of Halloween contacts lenses when not fitted by an eyecare professional .


Attorney General DeWine, Prevent Blindness, Optical Dispenser Board  Warn about the dangers of Halloween Contact Lenses




How Eye Doctors  Handle Halloween Contact Lense I was very disappointed in these results. This is a opportunity to get found on Google. When you plug in optometrist, Halloween contact lens only 179,000 results.  These are what came up on page 1-3 of Google. Not much is said about how really dangerous it is.

contact lens, illegal

Eye Doctors Who Sell Theatrical Contact Lenses 

Here is what I think- Theatrical Contact Lens sales are growing, why let your patients buy off the internet, gas stations and swap meets and potentially harming their eyes. Taking the bull by the horn, set up a ‘Store Within A Store Retail‘ with a Theatrical Contact Lens display and include in the display a ‘Duty To Warn’ and information about illegal contact lenses and Lady Gaga’s Anime Contact lens. The information should be in other written material in your office and website.

For references- Check out the Dangerous Contact Lenses

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