Dust To Dollars Promotions For 2012

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Hopefully during Flex benefit time and the end of the year sales Eye Care Professionals got rid of a lot of excess inventory. Even if you didn’t this is a great time to what I call RED DOTTING. RED Dotting is the old fashioned way of placing RED DOTS on any inventory you want to GO AWAY. That includes products stuck in drawers, products you can’t return, accessories.  Remember it is a better retail strategy to mark down rather than return products.

RED DOT Sales or Dust To Dollar Promotions exciting products for 2012. Having promotions and sales is a good thing and part of any retail strategy. What Promotions can do for you:

  • Get new customers
  • Keep old customers
  • Move old and dated product
  • Create Excitement in the store
  • Promote your Brand- You
  • Help Create demand for your products and services
  • Assist in cash flow
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Reduce Return Costs
  • Increases the Talk Factor- for Word of Mouth Marketing Opportunities

Top Fun Promotions

  1. Red Dots Make for great Online Discount programs such as  Groupon or Living Social.
  2. RED Dots Make for great frame and lens package programs.
  3. RED Dots make for great 2nd Pair Sales Promotions.
  4. RED Dots Make for Great Sunglass Promotions
  5. RED Dots make for GREAT Charitable Cause Related Marketing. For Example FEB is Macular Degeneration Month: For every RED DOT Eyewear sold, a donation is made to a Vision Charity.
  6. RED Dots can be make Lens Specific: Run a Promotion on Computer Lenses or FREE Form Lenses  using RED DOT Eyewear .
  7. Use RED DOTS to run FaceBook Contests.
  8. Have A customer Appreciation Raffle! Raffle off one or two of those RED Dots to a lucky loyal customer.
  9. Use For “I WANT YOU BACK’ promotion. Give to any patient who hasn’t been back in to see you in two years.
  10. Have A Scavenger Hunt. Plant a FEW of Those RED DOTS around the ‘Hood” and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  11. Have a Raffle: Put those items up for bid with proceeds to be donated to your favorite charity.
  12. Have a Lady Gaga Party and Update and Decorate into fun Hipster Eyewear

Bottom Line: Clean up the office, get rid of the old stuff, entice your patients with the old and the new, have some fun and engage the customers



Claire Goldsmith MidPage