Dry Eyes And The Quality Of Life-Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals

BioTears by Biosyntrx

Biosyntrx’  Friday Pearl had an excellent story on the quality of life with Dry Eyes. …‘Based on today’s life styles and environmental conditions, more and more individuals are experience varing degrees of dry eye symptoms. The condition is characterized by a deficiency in the quantity and/or quality of tears, an unstable three layer tear film, ocular surface damage and symptoms such as ocular irritation, dryness, grittiness, difficulty reading for long periods of time, burning, reduced visual acuity, and even excessive tearing or watering can be part of dry eye disease.

Very little has been published on how seriously dry eyes affect quality of life.’ Read the full Story here

“Nutritional supplements recommended by a medical practitioner as treatment for a specific medical condition diagnosed by a physician qualify as an eligible medical expense under IRS Publication 502.” For the science that supports patented BioTears formulation visit this link www.biosyntrx.com/biotears

I just thought it was great information and something to pass on to your patients.

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