Does Price Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?



Competing with  On-line Shopping

The two places I shop consistently are Cost-Co and Trader Joes. I go to Cost-Co to buy in bulk their recycled and organics products. When I went a couple of weeks ago, they were not carrying them! I made a special trip to just get the recycled toilet paper  and some organic veggies and they were not there. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. Trader Joes is the same way- a grocery store that’s marketing strategy is to provide unique, new seasonal products to make shopping more of an adventure. If you shop at Trader Joe’s- people complain more about what is not there, than what is there.

When shopping online, price is certainly the biggest consideration. But availability, appeal, merchandising and the variety of merchandise on site is more important to customer satisfaction than price, according to a study of the top 40 online retailers. The study found that a highly satisfied online shopper is 73 percent more likely to purchase online, 38 percent more likely to purchase offline, 75 percent more likely to recommend than is a dissatisfied website shopper.

What does that mean to you?

  • If your average patient only comes in once every 2.3 years- make sure you carry a consistent product selection in order garner patient satisfaction and referrals. (Availability)
  • If you are cultivating ‘eyefashionistas’ keep a special section for new and innovative products to inspire your patients to come in more often to see what is new. (Variety)
  • Merchandise, Merchandise and Re-Merchandise – change display, change eyeglass positioning on the board, decorate and adorn to enhance the shopping experience. (Appeal)

The above results are evidence that what an optical retailer offers is still important to patients and customers despite a challenging economy. Take the time to figure how to improve and enhance your patient-customer shopping experience.

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