Does a Back-Surface Lens Design Provide Optical Advantages?


We have posted some different articles about the design of progressive lenses but not specifically about back-surface lens design and whether or not it will provide optical advantages. So the question is Does a back-surface lens design provide optical advantages? I talked to one of our sponsors, Shamir for more information on this subject:

Designing a progressive lens is a mathematical procedure that involves managing optical errors to create optimal fields of vision. Traditional semi-finished progressive lenses provide the lens design on the front surface. The ophthalmic laboratory grinds the back surface with the desired Rx. Having the design on the back, closer to the patients’ eye, enhances the fields of vision and provides a wider field-of-view through all zones of the lens by bringing fields of vision closer to the eye. This helps to eliminate unwanted astigmatism, swim and peripheral distortions.

Shamir Autograph
Shamir Autograph

Shamir focuses solely on progressive addition lenses, and is know industry-wide for its innovative lens design. I have several pairs of progressive lenses in various Shamir designs including Autograph II and Autograph Office which I can personally recommend. Other lens companies also provide progressives with a back-surface lens design that provide optical advantages. More about those later.

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