Do Likes And Followers Equate Sales Success?

Ask your Friends to Like Your page
Ask your Friends to Like Your page

Just when you think you have your Facebook Likes rocking and rolling, you look at your competition and choke. Do not lose heart,  Likes can be bought, engagement maybe not so much. It is better to have engagement than LIKES.

That said, we do not know the answer and the only way that anyone can ever know, is by sales figures and analytics. What we do know, is that RayBan has the most amount of LIKES on Facebook and the most amount of RayBan Facebook page offshoots. We know that Chanel is the top Licensed Designer Brand on Facebook. We also know in evaluating over 3500 optical companies including retailers, that only 2075 have a Real Facebook Page.

If I pull out, department stores, celebrity names, jewelry stores (Cartier, Mont Blanc, Chopard, Tiffany), Licensed brands, such as magazines, car names (Hummer, Mercedes, BMW, make up companies (Bobby Brown, Revelon), Sports (Salomon, Under Armour) Smart Glasses, Apparel companies that have licensed their name and Low Vision, Accessories, Apps, 3D, closeouts, subscription models, Contact lens. That leaves us with over 1700+Eyewear companies. These are a mixture of online, brick and mortar stores, chains stores.

We only looked eyewear-eyeglass companies. Very few Licensed Designer Brands, separate out their eyewear, their FB pages are about the brand. For Example Mark Jacobs (Safilo) has 18,455, 500 LIKEs on Facebook. Also many collections such as Oakley have numerous offshoots. But the number in LIKES is RayBan at over 14 million Likes and one Oakley Facebook page has over 4 Million Likes. the next is Irvine, California based Foxhead eyewear. Coming in close is another Orange County company Toms Glasses with over 3.7 LIKES on Facebook

Brick and Mortar Optical Stores that do NOT wholesale product: As you can see theses are chain stores. 

  1. 2,682,000+ Likes: Oticas Carol (Brazil) 950 Stores with multiple FB pages. Bought by Luxottica in 2017
  2. 1,792, 000+Likes: Sunglass Hut (Luxottica) Sunglass Hut has multiple pages on Facebook. Sunglass Hut has brick and mortar stores as well ase sells online.
  3. 1,300,00+ Likes: LensKart (India) over 1.3 Million Likes. LensKart sells online as well as has retail stores .
  4. 1,001,000+ Likes: Boots (UK) Boots is part of a big conglomate of medical products and outlets. Boots Opticians just made deal with Walgrens for Optical Shop. With over 630 optical shops they are owned by De Rigo. Many Boots Opticians have Facebook pages.
  5. 590,251+ Likes: Warby Parker (NY) Established in 2010, they have 49 stores in the USA and Canada. Know for their $99 frame and lens package as well as their one for one give back platform. Warby Parker sells their own Brand Name.
  6. 309,907+ Likes: Lenscrafters (Luxottica).  Lenscrafters has multiple pages on Facebook, which makes it difficult to aggrevate all the likes.
  7. 191,000+ Likes: Opticalia (Spain) over 200 stores and is an eyewear distributor of licensed designer brands. Consumers can order online, through or through their stores.
  8. 151,200+ Likes: Owndays (Taiwan store only) Warby Parker platform. Stores in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Phillipines Netherlands, Each country has their own page.
  9. 141,000+ Likes:  Salmoiraghi and Vigano (Italy) chain of 400 stores bought by Luxottica in 2016.
  10. 131,000+ Jins (Japan and USA) Jins has 350 locations, multiple Facebook pages. Known for yearly marketing programs.
  11. 121,000+ Ace and Tate (UK) One for One give back program, 10 store locations and sells online.
  12. 117,000+ Infinit Eyewear (South America) Approximately 300 Stores. They also have multiple Facebook pages.

Online Business: Many of the following also wholesale products.

  1. 1, 000,000+ Zenni Optical (California) was established in 2003 and is known for their $8.95 frame and lens package. Give back company.
  2. 1,000,000+ Coastal (Essilor)  online contact lens and eyewear company. Coastal (now Clearly) was established in 2000 out of Canada. Clearly nee Coastal is a Give Back Company.
  3. 417,357 Shutter Shades (Hollywood, CA) These novelty glasses are still around. Shutter Shades was trademarked and founded in 2007. Wholesale available.
  4. 395,170+ Knockarounds (San Diego, CA) Knockarounds is a value driven and fun sunglasses. They were established in 2005. Knockarounds, have a Give Back Program. Wholesale available.
  5. 382,370+ Likes:  Johnny Shades (Glendale, AZ) Mid priced Sunglass Company. Established in 2004.
  6. 338,000+ Likes: eOtica (Brazil) owned by Essilor
  7. 326,000+ Glasses USA (New York, NY) Established in 2008
  8. 310,000+ Likes: elens (Brazil) owned by Essilor
  9. 257,117+ Likes: Mazuum (Italy)  Lower end sunglass line. Founded in 2015.
  10. 252,000+ Likes:  Zero UV (Huntington Beach, CA) Lower end sunglass collection.
  11. 240,000+ Likes: Evoke Eyewear (Brazil) Mid prices sunglass line. Established in 2001. Offer an Eco Collection, made with coconuts.
  12. 210,000+Likes: Triton Eyewear (Brazil) Mid priced sunglass line established in 1981. It looks like they do RX.
  13. 204,000+ Likes: Cool Winks by Essilor (India) Established in 2016 an online eyewear company. Gives Back
  14. 190,000+Likes:  39Dollar Glasses (Hauppage, NY) Established in 2000, they give back to the Lions Club.
  15. 133,300+ Likes: via Luxottica Offers a one  for one progam. Luxottica purchases the online store in 2014.
  16. 127,000 Franc Nobel (Indonesia) Franc Nobel was established in 2015 with a Flat Fee pricing of $99
  17. 122, 728+ Likes: 1-800 Contacts via Luxottica. 1-800 Contacts was launched in 1995 and purchased by Luxottica purchased in 2014.
  18. 116,730+Likes: (Cerritos, CA)

Eyewear companies with Retail Stores: This are non-licensed brands

  1. 14,345,000+ RayBan by Luxottica. There again are many RayBan pages and forums on Facebook. This is the official page. Rayban can be bought online and through eyecare professionals and retail outlets.
  2. 4,800,000+ Oakley By Luxottica. This is another Brand, that has multiple pages in addition they have over 275 retail stores with Oakley Gear.
  3. 4,201,000+ Foxhead Eyewear (Irvine, CA) Foxhead has racing gear for motocross. They were established in 1974. Foxhead can be bought online and through retailers.
  4. 3,731,000+ Toms (Los Angeles, CA) This is for Toms the Company, which also has shoes and coffee. Toms was the first one for one company. They have four branded Toms Stores. Sell online and through retailers around the world.
  5. 956,000+ Vogue Eyewear by Luxottica: Established in 1973 and is sold in Lenscrafters as well as eyecare professionals.
  6. 920,000+ Illesteva (New York, NY) Established in 2010, Illesteva has 8 Branded Illesteva stores, sells both online and through eyecare professionals. Illsteva is a mid-priced line that offers custom options. They do exhibit at Vision Expo.
  7. 507,800+ LikesRetro Super Future (Italy) Established in 2007 Retro Super Future brought back the flat top brow bar. They do a number collaborations as well as been worn by celebrities. They can be ordered online, on Facebook and eyecare professionals. They have exhibited at Vision Expo. Retro Super Future has two retail stores.
  8. 392, 826 + Likes: Sama (NY and Beverly Hills, CA) Sama is a high end luxury wholesaler and retailer. Established in 1990. They have four stores.Sama also has over 21,500 followers on Twitter.
  9. 246, 081 Likes; ic!Berlin
  10. 229,191 Likes: Mykita (Germany) has at least 8 stores around the world.
  11. 193,000+ Likes: Wildfox (Los Angeles) Sunglass company with 2 store locations. They are known as an apparel company.
  12. 154,000+Likes: Glassing (Italy) Glassing has five ?) locations and also distributes eyewear.
  13. 123,000+ Likes: Dita (Costa Mesa, CA) Dita has 4 brick and mortar locations, sells online and through eyecare professionals.
  14. 106,000+Likes: Alain Affelou (France) 475 Stores, wholesales and retails eyewear

Eyewear Companies

  1. 808,000+ Likes: Costa by Essilor Costa is a sports performance line with a focus on fishing and water sports. Eyewear can be purchased online on the Costa website or through authorized retailers. Give back to marine conservation issues .
  2. 747,000+ Likes:  Wolf Noir, (Spain and California) is a higher end sunglass company that sells online and through eyecare professionals.  They have also exhibited at Silmo.
  3. 619,543+Likes:  WileyX (Livermore, California) was established in 1987 by a veteran. This sports performance company has numerous WileyX Facebook pages which are not included in the total count.. WileyX is a veteran run independent eyewear company that give back to various veteran causes. Member of The Vision Council .
  4. 546,600+Likes:  Spy Optics (Carlsbad, CA) Sports performance company since 1994. Spy wholesales and retails eyewear and sunglasses. Spy is a member of the Vision Council, can be seen at Vision Expo. Spy has a Flagship Store in San Diego. Spy can be bought online directly or through Spy Retailers.
  5. 553,593+ Likes: Liquid Image (Santa Rosa, California) Liquid Image sells Dive Masks and googles. They were established in 2002.
  6. 458,000+ Komono (Belgium) Komono sells watches, mid-priced eyewear and sunglasses online and through various retailers. Established in 2009, they have a dealer locator on the site.
  7. 426,800+ Revert IT Polared Sunglasses (Italy) Established in 1993, they do exhibit at Silmo and have at Vision Expo
  8. 418,200+ Plantwear (UK) Wooden watches and eyewear. Formulated in 2013, they have a Give Back by planting trees program. Made in England.
  9. 399,000 Persol by Luxottica Persol was purchased by Luxottica in 1995.
  10. 373,000+ Maui Jim (Peoria, IL)  Established in 1988, Maui Jim also has numerous Facebook pages. Maui Jim can be bought directly from their website or through authorized Maui Jim dealers.
  11. 359,000+ Arnette by Luxottica. Arnette is a sports sunglass line that was established in 1992. They can be bought directly on the Arnette website or through Arnette dealers.
  12. 339,000+ Scott Sports (SLC, Utah) Sports sunglasses and goggles that was established in 1958. Scott can be bought online or through authorized dealers.
  13. 319,800- Bushnell (Overland, Kansas) Established in 1948 Bushnell is know for sport optics, including binoculars, scopes and more. They have multiple Facebook pages and the their eyewear consists of Bolle (multiple pages, Serengeti, (55,000+ Facebook, 1671+ Instagram)
  14. 310,900+ Idee Eyewear by Ronak Optik (India) Sold through optical outlets.
  15. 278,000+ Polaroid Eyewear by Safilo.– Eyewear can be purchased online or through Polaroids outlets.

I did this post not to devastate anyone. I Don’t know how they got their LIKES, I do know, that most of the higher likes have somebody working Facebook. They are up to date and consistent. The Sports and Sunglass companies have mastered the LIKE and Follow arena. They were early adopters and it shows.

I also know you can ask people to Like Your Page, see Right Side bar. You can also find out what your competition is doing, just by clicking on the LIKES on the left side bar.

Click on the Likes link on the Left Sidebar

The bottom line, if you are not happy with your LIKES or Follows, check out what others are posting on their pages and see what contents is being liked and shared. Ask for people to like your page and make an effort to be consistent with content that is meaningful to them. You can get all that information on your FB analytics or insights.

To be honest, it is one of the most frustrating and eye boggling things, at least for me, which is why I wrote this post. One minute, thinking it is going great, and the last 2 weeks.. Blah and it is back to the drawing board!


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