Do Eye Have to Care About Facebook Timeline?


Like it or not, your Facebook profile is about to change. The Facebook Timeline will be introduced to your personal profile over the next few weeks.  It has been optional for the last 3 months. Like every major change at the social media giant, the new timeline layout has a lot of people spooked. Change is always a little difficult because it’s not always when we want it, however, change is constant. So, let’s explore how to best deal with the changes.

The Facebook timeline essentially merges your profile and wall pages together.  It shows the story of you Facebook life, from the day you signed up through your last post. It looks much more like a blog than it has previously with all the photos and comments you’ve made over the years, organized chronographically.

Let’s start with the look. At the top of the page,  you get to customize two photos. The larger photo that spreads across two-thirds of your page is the Cover Photo. In the lower left-hand corner is your profile picture, the same you’ve been using. Together, they give your page a very exciting and possibly fun look. A lot of artistic folks have had some fun combining the two photos. Here is a combination Timeline I found particularly clever.

To the right of the Cover Photo is your timeline calendar, where you and your page visitors can click on any part of the timeline and revisit those proud or embarrassing moments of yesteryear….which is why we need to spend part of an evening reviewing your online life. Facebook has saved every comment and picture  you’ve ever posted.  Like a wife with a photographic memory, something you said or did 4 or 5 years ago can come back and haunt you, so spend some time reviewing all your posts and stories and either hide or delete the ones you no longer like.


Now that we’ve gotten rid of a our less than proud moments, there are two other areas we want to consider. The first is the applications we’ve added to Facebook over the years. Many apps can share your activity with others without asking. They can also post to your wall without asking further permission. The second is your overall privacy. Facebook allows you a lot of flexibility in who can see your posts. You just need to take some time going through the settings. You do that by going to your profile, clicking the down arrow on the top right, click on  Privacy Settings  and control your privacy.


Get comfortable with your personal timeline today as Business Pages are expected to see this change sometime in the next few months.

Daniel Feldman, is a co-founder to the Visionaries Group or on Facebook and CEO of dba Communications, a web design and social media firm specializing in helping eye care practices achieve success.

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