Diana Battikha Offers Special Eyewear To Transform Every Woman’s Look


Diana Battikha Luxury Brand, a trusted company of stylish frames and statement shapes, is proud to say that her products are world class. This enables people of all ages to become confident, fashionable, and stunning. This allows women out there to achieve the look they desire the most.

Serving sunglasses enthusiasts throughout Dubai and other parts of the world, Diana Battikha Luxury Brand becomes the leading option for many. Her products are not the typical options on the market. Aside from statement shapes and stylish frames, she has unique Swarovski and zirconia accessories. She also has unique designs and striking lens options for everyone. Since the establishment of the company, she has been using the finest crystal glass jewelry, making her collection one of a kind.

As a full-service company, Diana Battikha Luxury Brand has extensive and special sunglasses styles or designs for women. Not only will her products suit every ladies’ style, but it can also reach their taste. There are many out of the box sunglasses to choose from. Each is specially tailored to go beyond her customer’s needs and requirements.

With the unrivaled commitment to high-quality, original, and brand new sunglasses, Diana Battikha Luxury Brand has given the opportunity to work with the most popular celebrities in the country. One of the artists is Maya Diab. She shot her international clip, together with other famous stars wherein she wore five, different sunglasses designs from the company.

Rawan Bin Hussain, the famous Kuwaiti influencer, also wore the same brand in her photo shooting. Ola Al Flares wore the unique Pearlescent, too. Another is Fifi Abdou wherein she used 2 grand designs. Other most influential fashion icons are Shaima Saeed, Fada El Mendelek, and Mireille El Mendelek. Thanks to the finest materials in each of her sunglasses. Diana Battikha said, “All sunglasses comply with the international standards ISO 4007.” It’s no wonder why even celebrities have tried the products.

With more than a hundred highly polarized and well-handcrafted designs, the brand is available at a great value. Over the years of making women happy, her styles evoke an appealing persona from every artist or socialite. Of course, everyone dreams to achieve a lasting transformation and this is Diana Buttikha has got everyone covered. Perhaps, users would be surprised with their looks.

About Diana Battikha Luxury Brand:

Diana Buttikha Luxury Brand is one of the most trusted providers of exquisite sunglasses in the industry. Since day one of service, she believes that everyone should have enough access to beautifully designed and high-quality eyewear at a fair cost to express their personal and new style. She can facilitate self-expression for every side of a woman with her products. She will always instill confidence in anyone out there.



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