Destination Eyecare: Fab Fridays


Mooning Mondays, Make-over Mondays, T-shirts Tuesdays, Wacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursdays and TGIF Fridays, Casual Fridays’ tell you that we consumers need some type of catchy day to brighten up our lives or entertain us. Shopper-tainment is a huge trend today and growing.

The goal is to bring people in the door, build your brand and provide quality eyecare and products. Events such as Fab Fridays can help you achieve the goal to become a destination office. On Fab Fridays, you could do all sorts of events or promotions to encourage your patients to come and visit but most of all set yourself apart from the competition. FAB Fridays can be anything from booking an eye exam for a $20 off, give away’s, trunk shows, half pair sales, eye health, yoga and nutritionist.

I don’t think you have to do the same thing every week. People love to be surprised and the anticipation is half the fun. If something new is too much work, consider at least one event for the month.

The advantage, it gives you something to talk about, generate some buzz and create some excitement and shares. The best you can hope for is that Friday becomes a meeting ground for your patients to tweet and share.

We have put together some of our eye-marketing events that could work for Fab Fridays.

Some Ideas to get started in FAB Fridays


Charity Events

Specific Events

Donate Day 

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