Designer Contact Lenses- Carrera Performance Contact Lens

Carrera Contact Lens By Safilens

OK, I never have professed to be an expert in Contact Lens, but I know the standard brands. I did not know that Safilens makes a designer contact lens Carrera. These replacement lenses are designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. Safilens has had a partnership with Carrera for years! The latest update for Scuderia Palladio racing Team, who won 2nd place in ENDAS Championship. (car rally)

Of course I go to find out more, and let me tell you it’s difficult. If you were a retailer, I guess you order them through Safilens. I was just surprised there wasn’t that much information (Only 55, 400 hits on Goggle) about the lens and Carrera.

Carrera Contact Sponsorship Car Rally

When I plugged in Carrera Contact Lens only 214,000 hits on google. Is this an opportunity for the eyecare professional? It does not appear that too many on-line retailer of contact lenses are selling the product. Offering a ‘performance based designer contact lens just might help garner some of that contact lens business back from your Big Box stores.

Just a thought, and I don’t even know that the product is available here, afterall Safilo is available here, why not the Carrera Contact Lens. I guess we will just wait to see what happens.

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  1. they are amazing! i have difficulty finding them in stores in athens, greece, please help me get some more contact info please!

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