Denise Solay’s Travel Adventures Inspire Graffitti Eye Jewelry


I don’t know if any of our readers have ever met Denise and Dick Solay, of Denise Solay Designs if you haven’t, I highly reccomend you do so next time you are in New York and ask them about their travel adventures- you will be amazed and inspired to visit the world. Denise and Dick just came back from their latest adventure in Morocco, Yemen, Burma, Ethopia, India and Algeria- and sent us beautiful pictures as well as her Travel Graffiti Inspired new eyewear jewelry. Below is her creative inspiration story:

Travel Pics By Denise Solay

During our trip to Morocco last month I became fascinated with the ancient walls of the derb (street) that our riad (small hotel) was located on in Marrakech. I began taking photos of those and others  because of the fantastic textures and colors. (I was a travel photographer before I was a jewelry designer.) Then, I started noticing some of the interesting graffiti that was touting everything from directions to soccer team rivalries.

When we traveled to Essaouira, a picturesque fishing port on the Atlantic coast, the ancient doors added to my growing repertoire of abstract images. A few of which you can see below. (Top 2 rows are from Marrakech. The bottom 2 were from Essaouira.)

When we returned home and I started sorting through all the photos, I realized that a lot of the colors and textures were very similar to many of the exotic, semi-precious stones that I use in my Jewelry and Eyewear Jewelry. Having just spent almost a month soaking up sun, color, and, of course, their wonderful wine, my creative juices were bubbling over.

I started matching stones to a few of the photos to see if the glimmer of an idea that was beginning to form had any validity. I believe that the resulting pieces have an energy and a richness of texture rarely found in jewelry today. Below are two of my first, very special, one-of-a-kind, Eyewear Jewelry Necklaces. I’m calling this budding collection GRAFITTI IMPRESSIONS. Each piece comes with a framed copy of the photo that inspired it.

Graffitti Impressions: Savoia
Graffitti Impression- Torre Del Greco

I wish I could show all the pictures they sent from their travels and can’t wait to see the latest series and hear all about the trip. For more information feel free to contact Denise or Dick Solay at or visit her website @ Solay Eyes