Dealing With Multiple Facebook Pages


Here are a few Facebook dilemnas that came up a few months ago on one of the forums: 

1.) What to do if you have multiple offices and one Facebook Page? Do you just have one Facebook page per all locations or does each location have a separate page? ‘We have a page, listed as our main location, but unofficial ones continue to be created for our other eight locations. This leads to reviews and comments that we can’t engage with, and pages that have enough check-ins that they look like they should be official.

2.) What do you do with the ‘Fake Facebook’ pages? How do you control the content or the comments? How do you eliminate or claim the unofficial page? How do you make your page the Official Page?

3.) We’ve done the “claim your business” fix a few times, but it would be great if anyone has a long-term fix.

Is there a solution to ending “unofficial” Facebook pages? We went to Dan Feldman to get his opinion.

Dan Feldman: Facebook wants businesses to have a separate page for each location. They want people to be able to check-in. I would suggest taking ownership of each location’s page so you would get notice of any reviews and comments on your smartphone. I have one client with multiple locations where we gave Editor status to one or two people in each location who understands social media and allow them to post independently of the corporate page.

This will NOT stop people from creating pages, only help corral your pages should you chose to use it. It does have a preponderance of deleting reviews etc from the collected properties and start over as one instead of allowing each store to be their own unique entity. I have noticed even Walmart now has individual store social media accounts, so I think they are keener on how we have been doing things than making every location fit under one entity. See:

So, I will post as the Administrator to the Corporate page and they can copy those posts (if they want) to their pages and still post independently as well. I and one of the business owners can delete their post if we find it inappropriate or misguided in how it came out. We rarely every have to do so though.

This will keep patients, employees, or even Facebook from creating new branch location pages because yours will already exist.

“Another person” added this tidbit: Facebook Locations? I’m just about to enable it for our business. It gives: multiple locations visible on a map in Facebook, aggregated checkins, one parent/brand Page and multiple location pages. Check out Dairy Queen’s Page as an example. Here’s an article from Facebook:

In conclusion: It is probably best if you ‘claimed your pages so you can control the content. Read the fine print.



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