David Kind, Creates Online Sales Channel for Optometrists with ECP Partnership Program


With optometry offices losing sales to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, eyewear designer provides online sales channel to help eye care professionals create new revenue streams and offer patients convenience

SAN DIEGO, CA – October, 2017 – David Kind, a leading provider of high-quality prescription eyewear online, is announcing its ECP Partnership Program, enabling eye doctors to give customers more options with David Kind’s unique online home try-on experience. Optometrists receive a dispensing fee for each customer referral that purchases glasses at DavidKind.com. In turn, they perform in-store adjustments to frames, maintaining patient relationships and continuing to oversee health of those preferring to purchase online. 

Optometrists also get their own doctor-branded David Kind site and the collection for display in stores at no cost. For patients initiating a trial at DavidKind.com, the brand’s opticians advise on frame choice and use David Kind’s patented photo measurement technology, in addition to doctor measurements, to ensure excellent fit. Additional benefits to optometrists include:

  • Added revenue with dispensing fee for each pair sold in office or via doctor/discovery links
  • Increased traffic to their practice with location promoted by David Kind
  • Out of network insurance billing handled by David Kind

With consumers increasingly looking to purchase online, many retailers have noticed declines in brick and mortar sales, and traditional eyewear retailers are also not immune.

“We first went live with the program two years ago and it has been a very successful adjunct to our private-pay and insurance transactions. With many patients wanting to purchase online and going to sites that don’t ensure quality or offer advice from opticians, we are often forced to correct 50 percent of these other purchases. The David Kind program gives me more ways to ensure quality and meet patient needs,” said Dr. Mark K. Bryant, OD.

David Kind supports the widest Rx range; highest quality materials for lenses; finest zyl, pure titanium, copper beryllium and stainless steel frames.

“In the age of Amazon, consumers expect to purchase most everything online. Our ECP Partnership Program offers a solution for optometrists to help increase sales, maintain patient relationships by providing the highest level of care, ensure fit and quality and offer even more options to purchase in store and online,” said David Barton, founder of David Kind.

Learn about the ECP Partnership Program.


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