Dappering Dudes With Eyewear And Bow Ties

Desenia Mexico

It seems that women get all the attention in the eyewear world… probably because all claims say that women are 80% of the business. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but venture to say that it is because all talking heads all say ‘mens space’ is not as large or a dynamic as the women’s. I said Pappy Poo on that… those days are over. According to all trend reports mens accessories are hot are over $14 Billion Dollars and growing faster than women’s accessories.

The Menaissance: “We will continue to see men take the lead in spend(ing). Already, for the first time ever, men are outspending women by 13% and early indicators predict that the menswear market will expand 8.3% next year (“The Boutique@Ogilvy 2016 Men’s Shopping Report”). That’s 1.5 times more than women’s! Expect more struggling retailers to bring menswear front and center.” — Christine Sica, retail analyst and CEO of Mox Group Strategists, Miami, Florida Forbes

Why not be a disruptive and cater primarily to men?  Most of the styles are unisex anyway and it is becoming a mandrology world: mandals, murses, mankinis and mewerly are the ‘IT’ words on runways.

Why not build a ‘Dazzling Dads Display’ or a ‘Millennial Men Manifesto’ or a ‘Hyped and Hot Hipsters’ area?  No one says that eyecare professionals have to show just eyewear and lenses. In fact today quite a few eyewear companies offer bow ties and watches.

As we approach Father’s Day (June 18th), think about re-merchandising not just for Father’s Day but all year long.

iwoodoo Display as seen on Facebook

‘The casualization of office culture is contributing as well, he said, as work and off-duty wardrobes blend. “We see ath-leisure influencing men more and more every day,” Kalenderian said. “Backpacks are the leading bag classification, along with designer sneakers.” Even the “dandy” dresser is using “a great watch, sunglasses, tablet portfolio and even bracelets” to make a style statement.'(Randa.net)

One of the hottest items is bow-ties, which makes a great start to mix and match bow ties with mens eyewear. We pulled out a few looks that would work well in a Dapper Dude Display.

Bow Ties Russia on Etsy
Desenia Mexico

Vinylize Record Bow Tie is made from up-cycled LP’s. A perfect compliment to their eyewear or any other ‘music motif’d’ products.

Eye Love Sunglasses also offers bow ties (Papillon). They are out of some type of plastic and you can mix and match along with their eyewear.

Eye Love Sunglasses

These wood Sunglasses with Pocket Squares from Metio . Unfortunately, I do not think they are doing this anymore. Any of the wood eyewear companies can probably make a few of these for you.

Dzmitry Samal Eyewear has a bow tie in the shape of his reknown pixelated look.

Dzmtry Samal Design

Of course you can go on zazzle and other sites as well as Etsy to pick up eyechart and eyeglass themed ties and accessories.

Eye Chart Bow Ties for National BowTie Day August 28th.
Dog Bow Tie
Suspender Bow Tie Set on Etsy

The following eyewear companies have both wood eyewear- sunglasses and bowties.

  • Arka Creations (France) has both wood eyewear and bow ties.
  • PappBrille also offers bow ties to go along with their eyewear
  • Woodiful (Netherlands) Wood eyewear and wood bow ties
  • iWoodoo (France) Wood eyewear and bow ties
  • Off The Wood (Canada) Has wood eyewear and bow ties. Products are made from salvaged materials and they give back 5%.

Shark Tank Success Story with Bow Ties 

Two Guys Bow Ties on Shark Tank 

Mo’s Bows on Memphis: Mo was on Shark Tank and did not get a deal, most likely because he is about 10 years old.

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