Counterfeit Designer Eyeglass Frames Becoming a Growing Problem Online


I came across a Press Release from an optical retailer, warning about Counterfeit Designer Eyeglasses being purchased online. I liked it for several reasons 1.) Press Releases are one way to enhance your search-ability online. 2.) It shows Piazza Optical as an expert and lets people know the carry the genuine  product 3) Builds credibility and show you care about your customers. 4.) Something to Facebook and Tweet about. 5,) Makes a valid point.. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 6.) Counterfeiting is a huge problem.

Hialeah, FL —  11/13/2012 — Counterfeiting continues to be a growing problem across the board, yet most people have a limited comprehension as to just how many designer products are being knocked off nowadays. As a result, too many shoppers are now paying top dollar online, only to discover after the designer product is delivered that they got a whole lot less than they bargained for.

Then to make matters worse, overseas knockoff artists have been getting better at their craft, so blatant low quality can no longer be counted on to determine fake. So quality in knockoffs is getting better now, and that even includes top name counterfeit designer eyeglass frames.

Leading industry experts point to the slowed growth in the Chinese economy that’s leaving more skilled factory workers out of a job. Factory workers farm their skills out to elicit operators who are employing them to create better quality products.

So now it’s “buyer beware” for anyone shopping for designer eyeglass frames online, that is unless they follow a basic list of rules that all experts on the topic of counterfeiting and Internet shopping agree on. A list of rules that allows shoppers to still browse for great deals while at the same time eliminating the risk.

Rule #1 has been around for time eternal, so just about everyone has heard of before, but for some reason all too often seems to get lost on Internet shoppers. That golden #1 rule is, “If a deal seems just too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true”. So if designer eyeglass frames are unreasonably cheap, they’re probably fakes.

Then most experts will tell you to simply avoid purchasing any designer products from websites based out of Asian countries, and most particularly China. Now this might sound discriminatory on the surface, but it just makes no sense for a legitimate manufacturer to ship their product to Asia for them be sold online.

Blurry photographs and low-quality photographs are also another dead giveaway that counterfeiting experts point to as a red flag to be on the look-out for. Now this doesn’t mean that top-quality photography is any kind of guarantee of legitimacy because photographs can be easily borrowed online from legitimate sources.

Don’t fall for certificates of authenticity or official-looking packaging either because both of those are now easily produced by counterfeiters. Those in the know will also tell you that all top-name design houses destroy manufacturing seconds, so don’t fall for that common story either.

In the end, the one thing that all authorities on the subject of designer product counterfeiting hold out as an online shopper’s best assurance of not getting stuck with a knockoff is to simply buy from legitimate reputable sources. This includes online marketers who have been around for a while and have the reputation and the feedback to back them up. is a leading global supplier of wholesale designer eye-wear and related accessories, with several offices located in the US, Latin America and Europe.

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