Costa Launches Clean Ocean Initiative


unnamedWhen Optician Daily interviewed me, they asked, what is the one thing that no-one knows about you. I should have responded I hate litter. I hate it so much that I pick up beach trash almost everyday.

The good news is companies such as Costa have continued with their ocean conservation by introducing a campaign to educate about the growing ocean trash and to kick the plastic habit. Personally I pick up 5-50 plastic bottles a day, the most bottle caps I picked up in 1 day was 602, add in plastic bags, food wrappers, it is very easy to pick up 20-50 pounds of beach trash in a .5 mile stretch of beach.

Ocean Trash kills birds and other marine life.

As an example a sperm whale was found dead on the coast of Spain. with a stomach filled with 37 pounds of trash, including ropes and flower pots. Another sperm whale was found in the Netherlands beached and had plastic in it’s stomach. Over 2/3 of the worlds fish now test positive for plastic. That is what you eat. Estimates say that 10% of the worlds 200 billion plastic water bottles end up in our oceans.

Kudos to Costa for fighting the fight for marine conservation, especially the fight against plastic. They produced a short animated video to more simply explain the plastic problem. To watch the clip, click here:

In addition Costa has dedicated a page on its website to the “Kick Plastic” campaign, complete with news articles covering the issue, tips on ways people can reduce their own plastic habits, and showcasing people already making changes to clean up their acts. The hash tag #KickPlastic connects conversations happening on social media.

For more information on Costa’s Kick Plastic message, or to join in the global movement, visit Kick Plastic 

Earlier this year, Costa reintroduced The Watery Rave to the blogosphere this week, turning the website into an action-focused central hub of sport fishing conservation news and articles.


Claire Goldsmith MidPage