Contact Lens- The Consumer Wants to Know


Another great tool you can use to find consumer trends is These are just broad search patterns only. You can break out by web search, area, brand name and more. I plugged in Contact Lens and this is what came up.

What this means- the states listed above have major amounts of consumers using the Internet to find contact lenses. New Mexico and Hawaii contact lens dispensers, better beef up the contact lens marketing and or services.

Looking at the above graph from Google- you can see what keywords the consumer is plugging in to find out about Contact Lens. Contact Lens coupons searches are up 70%- What does that tell you.

Should you rely on this data only? Yes – Yes, because your future optical and eyecare business is the consumer using the Internet more and more to find information and purchasing products online. Using tools such as Google Trends and Insight, will help you predict your future marketing, sales and optical purchasing plans.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


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