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In our comments we had requests for where to get free contact lens training and education. That is a tough request for free education, but we have listed below contact lens educational resources free and otherwise. Some of the best resource are  from Contact Lens Manufacturers and Distributors. Many of them are running websites with data on contact lens wearers, problems associated. Imperial is offering demographic statistics as well.

Contact Lens Manufacturers and Distributors Educational Resources

Contact Lens Education From Organizations and Trade Press

Contact Lens Continuing Education Free and Otherwise

  • Visioncare Education –  NoFee CE – Free continuing education courses, by Contact Lens Spectrum, are offered in conjunction with the New England College of Optometry and supported by an educational grant from The Vision Care Institute™, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson company. The courses are approved by the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) for optometrists and by the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) for opticians.
  • Optical Training Institute- Fee based both ABO and NCLE
  • Opti-Professor– ABO and NCLE fee based training
  • Eye CE Online– CE for Optometrists, free and otherwise

Contact Lens Fitting

  • Eye Dock- Reference guide for OD’s to find anything about contact lens and fitting difficult to fit lenses. It is a one stop shop to get the parameters of any manufacturer’s up to date list. $43 yearly fee
  • OD Specs

Consumer Friendly Contact Lens Information

  • GP Contact Lenses (Contact Lens Manufacturing Association) This is also a consumer friendly site but has great info for the eyecare professional as well.
  • My Contact Lens: is sponsored by the Contact Lens Council, a nonprofit educational resource on vision correction for consumers. The primary goal of the Contact Lens Council is to promote the safe use of contact lenses. The information is for consumers, but has great info for ECP’s as well.
  • All About Vision
  • Eyecare America
  • Healthy Women and Eyes

General Health

  • Health Reserve The goal of the Health Reserve is to provide readers with general information and internet resources where they can seek more in depth information about a myriad of health topics of interest. We research all resources thoroughly and hope that those wanting highly specific information will take advantage of the links provided. With the plethora of health information available on the Internet today, it is our goal to provide only highly qualified website links on all health topics covered. We cannot accept any responsibility for information contained on third party sites, but continuously review the resources we offer to ensure accuracy and reliability of content.
  • US Food and Drug Adminstration This website gives information about the latest innovations on contact lenses. It provides general information and is not meant to replace a discussion an eye care professional.
  • Web MD

Contact Lens Ordering

  • Patient Wire– on line service for ordering replacement contact lenses using the ODs web site and manufacturers / distributors.

Social Media

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  1. I just hope people aren’t looking only for the cheapest price for contact lenses which isn’t always a good idea according to where they state: “When it comes to the health of your eyes, the best buy for affordable or cheap contact lenses is purchasing the best quality brand name product at the most affordable price. For example, the Freshlook contact lens brand is a quality product manufactured here in the United States, a manufacturer that follows strict quality control guidelines, and therefore produces a high quality color contact lens.
    On the other hand, if you purchase the cheapest priced contacts because they were low priced, you may be getting lesser quality, cheap contacts. When looking for inexpensive or cheap contact lenses online, look for known reputable manufacturers. Finding the lowest, rock bottom price usually does not equal the best quality. You could be putting your eyes at risk. When it comes to colored contacts, if you want the best we recommend Ciba’s Freshlook colors and colorblends contact lens.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Jamie and I just found your contact lens education page… I have 9-year-old twins (Alex and Paul) and their teacher just gave me a call to tell me that they’ve both been squinting at the board and she moved them both to the front row. Neither me or my husband have ever worn glasses so I’m reading up on it (what our options are, can 9-year-olds handle contacts or should they get glasses, etc.), before the eye doctor appointment I just made for the boys. Anyway, thanks so much for putting your page up… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found parenting answers online! This other article is really good as well… It answered many of my initial questions (it’s made just for first-time glasses purchasers). I wanted share in case you want to post it for other readers!

  3. FYI, under “Contact Lens Continuing Education”, the link for VisionCare does not work. Thought you might want to fix that seeing as how there are many certified cl technicians out there looking for free ncle credits.

  4. I am looking for Countinuing Education Couses at home.
    I need 15credits for CL. If you can send materiasto to Japan, I am glad to take CEC.

  5. I am looking for Continuing Education Courses.
    I need 15 credits for CL.
    If you can send materials to Japan, I am happy to take it.

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