Congress OKs Health Bill – Will Optical be OK?

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Last night, Sunday March 21, 2010 was an historic date as far as health care legislation as Congress OKs the Health Bill which was widely viewed as dead just two months ago. The Senate-passed bill cleared the House on a 219-212 vote. If realized, the expansion of health coverage will extend coverage to 32 million Americans who lack it. For the first time, most Americans would be required to purchase insurance.

How will this affect the Optical Industry? We don’t know the answers to that yet just that of course it will have an affect. Will Optical be OK? That we can be sure of but there will be changes and some will be positive others maybe not so positive for optical providers but as an industry we need to embrace change and continue  make quality eyecare and eyewear the best that we can. If we can make it so that more people have access to eyecare we must find ways to make it a positive change for all.

There will be a lot more debate and politics to come and  we will be looking for answers to questions and concerns about what it all means for the optical and eyecare industry.

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  1. This article was short on facts as far as what Optical should,could,or going to do now that the Health Bill has been signed. For the life of me, I can’t understand how making sure we continue to make quality eyewear for the public plays any role in what is ultimately going to happen to the Optical industry now that the Health Bill has been passed. My initial reaction is that it is way too early to tell yet what is even in the bill, let alone what impact will occur.

  2. We will be doing much more writing on this subject and have just requested more information from the VCA, who are keeping a close eye on health care reform and how it effects optical. Our initial reaction is the same as yours, it’s early to tell, but we should be reporting more information as it comes up.
    Thank you for pointing this out.

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