Coastal Clean Up Day Is September 16


Rarely do we talk about what is important to us. Today I am going to talk about a day that is close to my heart and that is the ocean. It effects every thing you do, no matter where you live. Every single person’s actions effect the ocean. 80% of the ocean trash comes from land.

Over the years over 12 million volunteers from 153 countries have worked together to collect more than 220 million pounds of trash for Coastal Cleanup Day.

Vista Coastal Clean Up Day

The one thing that we cannot live without is water. You can live without your car, without your house, without your phone, but you cannot live without water and 97% of the world’s water is in the ocean and 50% of the worlds oxygen comes from the ocean. 

Did you know that:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean the fish?
  • By 2025 the ratio of plastic to fish will be 1 to 3.
  • It is estimated that fish eating people will  eat 780,000 pieces of plastic a year, absorbing 4,000 of them from their digestive systems by end of the century.

Today we are going to pay homage to a few optical companies that are helping to clean up the ocean which includes lakes, ponds, wetlands, rivers and streams.

Ghost Net Eyewear: Two companies over the last several years have started making eyewear from Ghost nets.

  • Bureo x Karun (Orange County, California and Chile) Karun first started with FSC certified wood, branched to reusing salmon skins and now with Bureo is recycling ghost nets and creating eyewear. Ghost nets kill thousands of marine animals per year. Many fishing communities have focussed on cleaning up their ocean communities by clearing out both ghost nets and lobster traps. More information on Green Eco Services 
  • See2Sea also launched via crowd-sourcing is also making sunglasses from abandoned fishing nets in Spain. They collect 1 ton of fishing nets every three (3) days and recycle for these trend sunglasses. Made in Italy.

Reduced Waste Eyewear: Whether is kicking the plastic habit, keeping plastic out of the ocean or making eyewear from recycled plastic or PET bottles, whichever way they do is good for the ocean.

  • Costa (Florida)  Has been an activist ocean conservationist from the get go. Involved in catch and Release programs and now their #KickPlastic campaign is focussed on reducing the dependency on plastic.
Costa’s Kick Plastic Campaign
  • Norton Point (Martha Vineyard, MA) was launched via crowd-sourcing campaign and is making sunglasses from beach trash. I actually have a pair and put my RX into them. Now in order to make these they have to pick up plastic from the ocean. They also give back 5% of net profits to global clean-up, education, and remediation practices. 
  • Dresden Optics (Australia) Dresden is a small regional chain (4 locations) in Australia that makes eyewear out of trash, some of that trash is beach trash.
  • Naoned Eyewear: This is the first we know, eyewear made from Algae. Launched at Silmo this innovative eyewear is made with 100%  seaweed. Named Dôn, in homage to the goddesses of the sea in Breton and Celtic mythology.

Cleaning Up: A few eyewear companies are picking up trash, whether that trash is on the street or the ocean.

  • Kick Flys: Has several programs, Sell recycled beach trash filament to use for 3D printing. Cleans up trash and gives back to the National Resource Defense Council.
  • Chief Eyewear (Australia) is an online Bamboo eyewear company that donates $5 from every pair of sunglasses sold online to the ‘Seabird Rescue’ foundation
  • Duck Unlimited (license is held by McGee Group) is committed to wetlands conservation. To dat the McGee Group given more than $875,000 to secure a future for wetlands and waterfowl across the continent.
  • Sboji Eyewear (Huntington Beach, CA) clean beaches waterways and Parks across the country with volunteers and meetup groups. Wii is and other websites to gather people for these events and usually send them some swag. Let me know if you’re interested in getting one set up in your community for want some more information about our company.

Zero Waste Companies: The less waste, the less going into oceans, rivers and lakes. Today the trend of Zero Waste has led to a few eyewear companies taking the lead.

  • Allyn Scura (Sebastopol, California) Off the grid, paperless, environmental initiatives and giving back to schools, not only do they give back, they resell vintage eyewear.
  • Dick Moby (Netherlands) Recycled PET bottles micro-fiber cloths, bio based acetate, recycled leather hard cases.
  • Monkey Glasses (UK) Not only does Monkey Glasses give back to monkeys the reused leftovers into accessories. 

Wires Glasses (UK) These zero waste sunglasses are made from a single piece of wire. 

Wryuma Eyewear  (Belgium) Zero waste 3D printed sunglasses and made out of 100% recycled materials. Launched on Kickstarter. 

We believe that many more companies will start getting involved in Ocean Survival. Ocean trash is a global concern and quite a few countries have committed to cleaning up their part of ocean pollution. But each of us must do their part  and it is easy to do:

  • Reduce plastic use
  • Pick up trash around the neighborhood.
  • Recycle

As a company:

  • Have a Coastal Clean Up,
  • Sponsor a Highway,
  • Support companies that are giving back to Ocean


Ocean Conservancy 

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