ClearVision Optical Featured in New Book on Customer Service


We are so excited for our friends at ClearVision Optical as they are featured in an entire chapter of a new book  about customer service.

The ClearVision Optical chapter is about dealing with getting feedback from customers in an effort to provide them with exactly what they want and need. In addition to ClearVision Optical, Who’s Your Gladys highlights other customer-focused businesses, including Singapore Airlines, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Profession Movers and more. Each one shared their secrets of excellent customer service with the authors. Publisher’s Weekly says “Its the substantive, down-to-earth advice that sets this book apart from its competitors, as well as the helpful chapter-end sections, which contain practical points and thought-provoking questions and answers”

I haven’t read it yet but intend to order it right now! I think it will be a great read with some good customer service tips for us Optical Industry peeps!


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