ClearVision Celebrates Family with Unique Take Your Kids to Work Event


On Monday, January 15th, ClearVision opened its doors to our extended families for our first annual “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Nearly 40 kids joined us at our Long Island headquarters to learn how ClearVision operates and enjoy a taste of our family-friendly culture. The jam-packed day included:

-3D printing workshop with our in-house engineer -Customer service video and group chat -Frame designing arts and crafts -Mock “Shark Tank” activity, where kids were challenged with creating a mini business plan and presented to a team of judges that included VP, Peter Friedfeld!

The day ended with a ‘Glass-querade’ where all of the children marched around the office showing off their eyewear creativity. We had a wonderful day reminding the next generation that you can ALWAYS have fun at work!

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