Classique Eyewear Partners With Inspecs USA O’Neill And Superdry


Inspecs USA and Classique Eyewear have reached an exclusive distribution agreement for the O’Neill and Superdry optical and sunwear collections to independent ECPs throughout the United States.

O’Neill was founded in California in 1952 by surfer and wetsuit creator Jack O’Neill and is now regarded as one of the world’s leading active lifestyle brands. While staying true to its California surfing heritage, O’Neill has evolved into a popular brand for active lifestyle individuals- appealing to a large age spectrum from millennials to baby boomers alike. O’Neill is worn by both men and women across a wide range of U.S ethnic groups, and its broad market appeal makes it an attractive offer for ECP’s and optical retailers. The optical collection features the use of unique and proprietary materials including Bio-Acetate, a biodegradable material sustainably manufactured from plant-based cellulose. O’Neill sunglasses incorporate natural TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) ultralite lens technology formulated for superior visual and polarization clarity, ideal for those involved in leisure sports and sports active lifestyles. These lenses are predominantly made from natural, renewable materials, mainly eco-polymers from cotton and wood cellulose. These natural materials make O’Neill appealing to environmentally conscious individuals.

With more than 515 Superdry branded retail locations in 46 countries, the fashion and apparel phenomenon continues to grow rapidly in the U.S. due to its popular trend appeal. Superdry aims to create ‘future classic’ garments inspired by fusing vintage Americana and high impact Japanese graphic imagery with a contemporary British twist. It stands out as a distinctive brand with a notable international celebrity following, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Bradley Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson, Mila Kunis, David Beckham, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez, just to name a few. Superdry Eyewear offers high-end frames and sunglasses for the trendsetter. From the geek-chic college student to the designer brand fashionista, Superdry Eyewear features great styles for everyone, making it an ideal pick for millennials and Gen X wearers alike.

“We are very excited to partner with Classique Eyewear”, said Vance Wright, president of Inspecs USA. “Classique brings an expertise in eyewear distribution to the U.S. ECP market, while Inspecs brings over 30 years of product innovation and manufacturing experience. We firmly believe we have found a long-term partner that shares our values and will help us grow our brand presence across the country.”

According to Craig Glasser, CEO of Classique Eyewear, “Our new strategic collaboration with Inspecs USA to develop and grow the distribution to the ECP market of O’Neill and Superdry, two contemporary and trending active lifestyle brands, adds new opportunity to our current business model. It allows us to take our respective businesses to the next level by leveraging these popular brands to increase our current level of distribution and achieve a higher market penetration. Classique Eyewear, as a California based company, is aligned with O’Neill’s heritage and its brand culture of innovation by using natural elements to benefit those who appreciate the ocean, surf and an active lifestyle. Superdry, with its distinctive celebrity following, makes it an ideal fit for the California fashion street scene.”


About Inspecs USA: Inspecs USA is the American sector of Inspecs Group, a global design and innovation driven eyewear company. We produce eyewear for an international portfolio of fashion, sports and lifestyle brands and patented concept eyewear. We license, design, patent, manufacture and distribute globally from our bases in UK, USA, China, HK, Vietnam, Portugal and Scandinavia. Superdry. O’Neill. RADLEY. CAT. Savile Row. NASCAR. Santana. Gillz. Reel Life. HYPE. FARAH.


About Classique Eyewear: San Diego based Classique Eyewear is a distributor of unique proprietary designer eyewear, offering artistic designs, with superb craftsmanship, and unique colors and textures that set our eyewear apart from the predictability of most designer fashion brands. Our eyewear conveys a powerful fashion statement reflecting both class and style. Classique Eyewear collections include: CIE – “Classique-IEssentials”, Charles Stone NY, C-Zone, Gios Italia, Kingsley Rowe, Lisa Loeb, William Morris London, O’Neill and Superdry.

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