Celebrating National Clown Week


National Clown Week is the first week of August every year. Yes, there is actually a full week devoted to clowns.

  • Clown Eyes according to the Urban Dictionary means; overwhelming sadness inside but unable to shed tears
  • The expression ‘Naked as the eyes of a clown’ according to Yahoo is  ‘just a creative way of saying naked and exposed.

There are a few mentions of Optometrists and Clowns:

  • Optometrist Lucy Sheffield, OD, (Optometry Times)
  • Dr. Elwood Kolb collects clowns ‘No one has to “send in the clowns” to Dr. Elwood Kolb’s office. More than 100 clown plates, posters, paintings, puppets, statuettes and needlework examples are on display there. The optometrist, who lives and practices in Allentown, has collected them for the past 18 years. (Source
Clown Eye Doctor
Clown Eye Doctor at Replacements 

Eye Bogglers

  • The first known clown entertained Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi as the court fool during Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty. He was a Pygmy.
  • Another famous clown who saved lives was Yu Sze. He was a jester in the court of Emperor Shih Huang-Ti around 300 B.C. Thousands of labourers had died building the Great WAll of China and then the Emperor wanted to paint it which would have killed many more people.  Painting it would lead to the death of thousands more. Yu Sze was the only one who dared to criticize this plan and convinced the Emperor to abandon it, thus saving the lives of many
  • Coulrophobia is the Fear of Clowns and is fairly common.
  • Dan Rice was a famous American clown before the Civil War. He ran for President of the United States in 1868, starred in  He starred in Shakespeare play parodies such as “Dan Rice’s Version of Othello”. Mark Twain acknowledged him in the”Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. circus description.
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