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Surgical Removal Of An Eye-Do Not Watch If Squeamish

Enucleation is performed to remove large-sized eye tumors or as a result of traumatic injury when the eye cannot be preserved. In the case...

$42 Million Bionic Eye Surgery Video

Surgical Implantation of first bionic eye in 79 year old woman in Australia. Bionic Eye surgery is expected to be available within the next...

3D Comes To The Ophthalmologist Operating Room

This came to us via Medgadget 'The other day your Medgadget editor spent a few hours observing Ophthalmologic surgeries in high definition 3D...

Retinal Implant Trials

Hopes have been raised for millions of people suffering from macular degeneration and the less common pigmentosa by early trials of retinal implants that...

Laser Surgery for Treatment of Macula Degeneration

I saw this article about ground-breaking laser surgery for treatment of  macula degeneration in the British Daily Express a couple of weeks ago while...

Intraocular Metallic Foreign Body Removal

Removal on an intraocular metallic foreign body, Australia Network Channel 10 news

Myopia Implantable Contact Lenses

A recent story on Voice of America News related how some patients with myopia are opting for lens implants rather than LASIK to correct...

Surgical Pupilloplasty with Microscissors

This patient needed to have her pupil opened for better visualization of the peripheral retina so that she could have adequate PRP for proliferative...

Submacular Eye Surgery

Submacular surgery to remove a neovascular membrane from beneath fovea Dr. Lawrence Lee- Brisbane, City Eye

Lasik Ads Must Warn Consumers of Risks-FDA

Last Friday the FDA issued a letter advising doctors, clinics and anyone promoting corrective eye surgery known as Lasik that any ads must tell...

Retinal Detachment Surgery

 A video of retinal detachment surgery explaining the steps involved in scleral buckling and pars plana vitrectomy procedures

Intracapsular Cataract Extraction

Author: Thomas Oetting, MS, MD-University of Iowa-Department of Ophthalmology Instructional video explaining the steps of a planned intracapsular cataract surgery.

Surgical Eye Removal Video

This is amazing- Uncle Chuck apparently had cancer and had his eye removed. Pretty incredible, who would have thought you could survive this. When...

Scleral Suspended Aniridia Lens Implant

What Happens in Surgery, Does alway Stay in Surgery! 24 year old patient with H/O penetrating Ocular trauma .Corneal repair plus PPVitrectomy and PPLensectomy already...

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