Optical Business News Podcast – The Patient Whisperer

  Daniel speaks with "The Patient Whisperer", Dr. Mary Boname of Montgomery Eyecare in Skillman, New Jersey.     Afterward, Daniel speaks to why negative reviews can be a...

Optical Business News Podcast – Barry Santini

  Daniel speaks with industry legend and owner of Long Island Opticians, Barry Santini.      

Optical Business News Podcast – Hours & Feb31st

Daniel talks store hours and then speaks with Stephano Minelli of Feb31st.        

Optical Business News Podcast – Mix+Mingle 2018

Daniel speaks with Jill Onallah with Oliver Goldsmith and Orgreen Optics and Nik Cummens with Dita Eyewear about their inaugural Mix+Mingle Eyewear Show on...

Optical Business News Podcast – Asking The Lab Guy About Frames

  Daniel speaks again with Scott Balestreri of Bad Ass Optical, but this time the conversation is about frames instead of lenses.        

The Optical Business News Podcast – Retail with Kizer & Bender

Daniel speaks with consumer anthropologists, Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender of Kizer and Bender about being a retailer in today's environment. Kizer and Bender website        

The Optical Business News Podcast – Eye On Leadership

  Daniel speaks with Dr. Steve Vargo about his latest book, Eye On Leadership.            

The Optical Business News Podcast – Vision Expo West 2018 Edition

Daniel and Nikki discuss how to prepare for and how to make the most of a Vision Expo. This is an edited version of...

The Optical Business News Podcast – Alessandro Baronti & De Rigo Rem

Daniel speaks with De Rigo Rem President, Alessandro Baronti about his 30-year optical journey as well as what's in store at Vision Expo West...

The Optical Business News Podcast – Lou Fullagar & Loft LV

Daniel speaks with Lou Fullagar, owner of Spexaddict, and founder of the Luxury Eyewear Forum about his double lung transplant and this September's Loft...

The Optical Business News Podcast – Which Looks Better, 1 or 2?

Daniel speaks with Tim Fortner about his book, Which Looks Better, 1 or 2?  

The Optical Business News Podcast – Think About Your Eyes

Daniel speaks with Dr. Steven Loomis about the Think About Your Eyes Program.     To learn more about the Think About Your Eyes Program, click here.

Optical Business News Podcast – E. Dean Butler

Daniel speaks with Lenscrafters founder, E. Dean Butler about the past and future of eye care.    Feel free to leave us any comments or suggestions...

Optical Business News Podcast – Ask The Lab Guy Even More

Daniel discusses email for eye care practices and we start a new series asking dumbed down questions about optics from our listeners to Scott...

Optical Business News Podcast – Loukia Hadjiyianni

In this week's show, Daniel discusses keywords for eye care websites and speaks with Loukia Hadjiyiann, an optometry student at UC Berkeley. We also are giving you...

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