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And Eye Quote

No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side of things.

Friday Funny

D*mn it's cold out... (courtesy of Nikki Griffin fromEyeStyles Optical and Boutique)

How To Buy $100,000 Worth of Sunglasses in 15 Minutes

OK, if you had $100,000 would you buy sunglasses? Far East Movement shows us how it is done. Don't you wish you were that...

Geek Eyewear Spoof Video- The Genius

In honor of whether or not your boss is a jerk post, LBI Eyewear made a funny spoof on The Genius. Every office has...

Way Too Many Sunglasses

Remember to show sunglasses to everyone!

Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patches?

AARGH.. it is September 19 and one of our favorite events..Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day. Have you ever wondered why pirates wore eye patches? It is...

Eye-treme Colorful Disposable Grid Sunglasses

These colorful grid sunglasses are handmade from plastic and wire mest. Available in all sorts of colors for $10.00 Source: Etsy- Seller is Take Your...

Halloween Optical Fun: Frankenstein Goes Grave Robbing

Halloween Eyecare Fun- Poor Frankie, not only can he not talk, but apparently does not know the difference between eyes and ice!

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