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Optical Fun- Eye Songs- Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (late 80s) The song reached #1 in the country music charts and was Willie Nelson's...

Edible Fashion- How Green Can You Get?

Edible Fashions That Make a Tasty (or Tasteless) Statement Not a bad idea, it you can eat is all. About 45 Billion dollars of food...

Eco Fun: eyeHow To Make Flowers From Plastic Bottles

This is very cool and not only that it it free, even if you have kicked the plastic habit, most (like 70%) of plastic...

Day 3- A Day In The Life of An Optometrist

Patient gets ahead of the eye exam, answers no instead of one or two. Can't wait to get the designers glasses. Your optical fun for...

New York By The Numbers-Getting Prepared For Vision Expo East

Getting ready for Vision Expo in New York? Check out these fun statistical information from Showtime, who knew there were 48 Million Rats in...

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