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Retro- Optometrist Office- 1959

This is an 8mm film made in 1959 for an open house at a new Optometrist office in 1959. Thought since Retro Eyewear is...

Optometry Unleashed- OptoRock 2007

From OptoRock in 2007- Starts a little slow- but what a great voice and listen to the words- optical replay on words! Stats: Views 2,302 Honors-...

Optometry Peeps

Stats Views- 2718 Honors- 0 Comments Cute optometry video

Optometrist Torture

Having just had my eyes examined-Just hope I wasn't this bad!  'This is a clip that will give you a little insight into what optometrist...

If It Wasn’t So Funny, You Could Cry

We don't usually do this, but just had to post the most amusing Email Joke of the Day. 1. The US has made a new...

Opti-Fun- Guy Catching Ray Ban Sunglasses

They say this guy catching sunglasses is real (Right!) neverhidefilms  Yes this is a RayBan!  4,119, 105 Views (yes, that is over 4 Million Views)  13, 876...

Fun Optical Songs- Refract That

Remix to 'Smack That' by Optometry nerds - Very Good- unfortunately- the Embedding was Disabled- Can't get the link to work- Refract That 

Is This the Way to Amarillo- Optometry Style

I don't know if you are aware of this. 'Is this the Way to Amarillo' is a YouTube Song- resung and viewed by thousands...

Fun Optometry Student Song by J Dog

Optometry Idiot by J-Dog!! For and by  Optometry Students

Opti-Fun- Optical Illusions

I always find these fun- optical illusions! 

Optical Song- Clinical Rotation- Bridgebuilders Eye Clinic

      LYRICS Ay, ay Started in Dallas, I spread out wit' it i see glaucoma, AMD, diabetes On to melanoma, papiloma lid disease from the nasty herpes how do i...

Fun Optical Songs- Sunglasses at Night (another version)

Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night

Optical Illusion Art

Sculpture Art at National Gallery Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. Created by Roy Lichtenstein American, 1923-1997 House I, 1996/1998 Fabricated and painted aluminum Gift of The Morris and Gwendolyn...

YouTube Sing-Along- Glaucoma Song

I couldn't embed this video - but you have to go and visit and watch this really great video on Glaucoma. (I think they...

Fun Optical Songs- Welcoming Patients?

I only have 2 questions- does this bring in patients? How long does he do this for?

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