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Optical Blog Grog – Greentini

This is an Optical Blog Grog recipe from Cathy who is very, very green and has her own separate green blog, Green Eco Services,...

Retro Sunglass Ad- Foster Grant 1972

One of the most famous Branding Messages-  Who's Behind Those Foster Grants? 

Right Now Sunglasses!

It's Sunglass Season- this is a good sunglass video commercial. 

Veggie Formula3 Race Car Powered by Chocolate

This doesn't have much to do with optical- but in honor of Memorial Day Weekend and Car Racing- Here is the worlds greenest racing...

Optical Blog Grog – “Opti Lemon Drop”

I introduced some optical friends to this Optical Blog Grog - "Opti Lemon Drop" at a Vision Council meeting in Phoenix a couple of...

Opti-Fun- Putting on the Ritz

Fun Optical Commercial 

Optical Blog Grog “Optico Cosmo”

Here is our third Optical Blog Grog recipe, "Optico Cosmo", for our weekly series of favorite cocktails that we are running through the summer....

Optometrist Be Not Proud

True Life Tales- This reminds me of the Christmas Story

Cheap Sunglasses Song

LIVE & LOOSE featuring BLUES AND LASERS 'The Vermont 5-piece delivered a blistering set of bluesy rock and roll as part of the Allman Bros....

Cool Optical Illusions

Optical illusions, all of these are non moving optical illusions so if you think they move, its just your mind playing tricks on you.  Stats: Views-...

Optical Blog Grog – “Optico Mojito”

Here is another Optical Blog Grog recipe, "Optico Mojito"  our second cocktail suggestion for our Optical Blog Grog series running every Thursday throughout the...

Fun Optical Songs- Sunglasses @ Night

Another Remix of I Wear my Sunglasses at Nite- There is tons of these- For more go to YouTube. This remix is a little...

The Eye of The Tiger -Top Motivational Song

Top Motivational Song- If this song doesn't get you going- try singing it 3 times, like I did! I dare you get the team together...

Optical Blog Grog

Cathy and I like to enjoy a cocktail at the weekend and thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites and...

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