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Optiblog Grog – Independence Day

I was looking for an Optiblog Grog - Independence Day, July 4th celebration drink and ironically enough came across this one which is actually...

Optical Blog Grog – Pimm’s No.1

Pimm's No. 1 is the favorite drink of Wimbledon. I just returned from there so have to share this favorite cocktail with you. It...

Way Too Many Sunglasses

Remember to show sunglasses to everyone!

Opti-Fun- Remember to Show Sunglasses

Sandro Chiaravalle - Sunglasses

Drawing Sunglasses

As a reminder this is Sunglass Season- present Sunglasses to every patient.

Optical Blog Grog BLTini

First of all I have to make a correction to last week's to Peter Shaw-McMinn's Cosmopolitan recipe. It should have said LEMON-LIME flavored 7-Up...

Optiblog Grog – OLA Hurricane

This is a cocktail I remember all too well and I can see why it is called a Hurricane, it has a real kick...

How to Draw a Realistic Eye

This is pretty cool- From-STEPHANIE VALENTIN CONTEST

UAB Optometry Class of 2009- Lazy Monday Video

This is good- I really enjoyed this optometry student video! 

Retro Contact Lens Ad 1979

Here's a commercial for Weisser Optical advertising their soft contact lenses using someone with extreme Farrah hair syndrome. (EFHS)"Established 1898" This aired on local Chicago...

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