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Opti-fun Eyeart

I guess I get a little obsessive about eyewear and optical, I see eyeart everwhere I go. This week on my daily walk I...

Day 4- A Day In The Life Of An Optician

No the customer is not always right. Sometimes, they are just confusing. How many times does this happen to you- Tell us your story

Vintage Eyewear Week – 1960

The 1960's in fashion, featured bell bottoms, tie dyed, long hair, flowers and peace signs (still good today!) Paisley prints, platform shoes were just...

Lizard Wearing Aviator Sunglasses

I see some opti-fun things walking around Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Spotted, a lizard in the back of a car wearing Aviator sunglasses. Looks like he lost...

I’m Too Sexy For My Glasses

Singing about his sexy glasses. For those who remember the song 'Im Too Sexy, here is Right Said Fred, singing the song, 'I'm Too...

Eyeing Humor: Snowman And Carrot Eyes

They say that carrots are good for the eyes, except in the case of snowmen.

Batter Up: Baseball Season Begins With Baseball Eye Charts

April 5th, 2015 is the official launch of the Major League baseball season. For baseball fans this is an easy eye chart.. for the...

Celebrating National Clown Week

National Clown Week is the first week of August every year. Yes, there is actually a full week devoted to clowns. Clown Eyes according...

eye How To Fix Eyeglasses When The Nosepad Breaks

'Phew I almost lost my favorite glasses to a broken nose piece - luckily my friend Andy thought of using clear plastic tubing to...

Opti-Fun- Magic Eye Exam

You can learn more magic tricks or how to do this at Danny Archer's Eye Exam at This video was sponsored by SharpVA Digital Acuity Systems

Halloween Freakynomics Infographic

Maybe you are not into Halloween, but somebody is... check it out this fun post on the business of Halloween from Freakynomics.  So get your...

Optical Fun: Cupid Goes To The Eye Doctor

Is Love Blind? Cupid goes to the Eye Doctor and cannot see!

LED Eyeglasses For Halloween or Clubbing

LED matrix on a toy eyeglasses...controlled by avr mcu so it can add something new pattern. Brightness can be control, battery capacity is about 2-3...

Opti-fun Mutts Eyeglasses

I read Mutts everyday very amusing and I like the Mutts Eyeglasses Opti-fun humor sponsored today by Classique Eyewear.

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