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Eyeing Humor: Snowman Eye Exam

How does a Snowman get an eye exam? With two pieces of coal!

Opti-Fun For World TV Day

World TV Day is Nov 21 and while we are all worried about blue light, the repairman does not care and calls it as...

Opti-fun – Another iPad Joke

Maybe it is because I don't have an iPad that I find these iPad Eyepad jokes funny! I know someone at US Vision who shares...

Optical Fun: American Eagle Eye Exam

National American Eagle Day is celebrated June 20th of every year. This is an unofficial holiday is sponsored by The American Eagle Foundation. The...

What Is A Sharks Favorite Sunglasses?

It's Shark Week and the what type of Sunglasses do Sharks wear? Ray-Bans of course.

Safilo Is Full Of Heart

For Valentine’s Day, Safilo North America’s Human Resources department offered employees the chance to make a difference by donating money to the American Heart...

Iconic Pop Art Famous Eyeglasses

Over the years, many people have done the 'Famous Eyeglasses' with caricatured celebrities wearing their eye-conic eyewear. Famous Eyeglasses by Indonesian artist, Rizky Alfiosa...

Eye Like Humor: English Eye Charts

Our Optical fun for the day: Do you have the same eye chart in English?

Best Lego Optometry Office

This was seen on OD's on Facebook in 2016 and we loved it so much, we just had to share it again this year....

Optical Fun: Snowman Jokes

Our Optical Fun for the day. This is for those who get snow or go to snow for the Holidays. :

Elton John Eyewear With Windshield Wipers and Miss Piggy

Elton John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 and knighted in 1998. He has been active in the...

Optical Fun: Mothers Day Eye Exam

We wish every Mother a Happy Mother's Day.. Eyes In The Back of Your Head.. ain't that the truth!

Optical Fun: Clark Kent Eye Exam

More super hero eye exam jokes.. what can we say… Clark Kent, AKA superman does he really need and eye exam with X-Ray vision?  

Three Rolling Eyes Jokes About Facebook

Obviously Rolling The Eyes on Facebook is pretty popular. I wonder how many times a day do you roll your eyes?    

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