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Optical Fun: The Heart Calculator

What will your heart do today- Click here for a free update, it takes about 20 seconds Here is my Heart Report Today, your heart will...

10 Eye Hearts We Like

Whoever came up with the I Heart you thing.. should have patented it… Heart eyeballs, heart eye make up… heart pupils…. We Heart our...

12 Movies With Johnny Depp Wearing Glasses

Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile actors in the market. He got his start in the TV Series 21 Jump Street in...

eye Sing- Spanish Eyes By Al Martino 1967

Al Martino singing Spanish Eyes in 1967. He was not the only one who sang Spanish Eyes in 1965. It appears on several Greatest Hits...

eyeHow To Make Bloodshot Eyeballs For Halloween

Halloween is coming up and one of the most worn and used props are spooky eyeballs. This video shows how to make spooky eyeballs...

Eye-Treme New Year’s Eve Eyelashes

Maybe it's a little late to get those New Years Eve Eyeglasses, but you can still advertise your new year with innovative 2011 eyelashes....

Eye Like Humor: Double Vision

Our little optical Fun for the day: Double Vision

Friday Funny

D*mn it's cold out... (courtesy of Nikki Griffin fromEyeStyles Optical and Boutique)

Miniature Monday With Finger Monkeys

This is an eye can't believe it, these are real mini monkeys, aren't they adorable, I think I want one. They are the world's...

Brenda Johnson – The Closer Can’t Keep her Eyeglasses on

I am a big fan of The Closer but it drives me crazy that the lead character Chief Brenda Johnson played by Kyra Sedgwick...

Optical Fun the iglass

Our little bit of ifun for the day. From Freaking News the iglass.. This is photo-shopped in case you didn't know.

Optical Song- Clinical Rotation- Bridgebuilders Eye Clinic

      LYRICS Ay, ay Started in Dallas, I spread out wit' it i see glaucoma, AMD, diabetes On to melanoma, papiloma lid disease from the nasty herpes how do i...

Shades For Snoopy And Belle

Snoopy and his sister Belle are the stars in the new exhibition presented by Met Life. Pulling together famed designers the two were outfitted...

Fun Optical Songs- Welcoming Patients?

I only have 2 questions- does this bring in patients? How long does he do this for?

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