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Shades For Snoopy And Belle

Snoopy and his sister Belle are the stars in the new exhibition presented by Met Life. Pulling together famed designers the two were outfitted...

Opti-fun with Pluggers and a Briot Edging Tip

You can depend on Gary Brookins Pluggers comic for an Opti-fun comic every now and then. Enjoy this plugger and his reading glasses and...

eyeRead – How to be a Grown Up

I saw this book by Stacy Kaiser reviewed on the TV the other day and didn't have the opportunity to see the whole review...

Win $500 For A Medical Song Idea By the Laryngospasms

www.Laryngospasms.com I ran across the Laryngospasms on YouTube and laughed so hard, I just had to share it. The Laryngospasms are a group of Certified...

What Is A Sharks Favorite Sunglasses?

It's Shark Week and the what type of Sunglasses do Sharks wear? Ray-Bans of course.

Oreo Sunglasses

These Oreo sunglasses would not last long at my house. Phil Jones created this edible work of art.. How many of you would have thought...

Funny Christmas Santa Claus Video

Getting into the spirit of Christmas! Santa Wants his cookies! Optical Fun today is sponsored by Vision West , optical buying group.

Friday Funny

D*mn it's cold out... (courtesy of Nikki Griffin fromEyeStyles Optical and Boutique)

Optical Fun: Cornea Joke: Why Eye Doctors Are Smart

I think this optical fun came from The Williams Group, this is another Cornea Joke, why eye doctors are so smart.      

Eyefo-Graphic-The Visual Brain

This is an interesting Infographic on how we see the world based on color, how color blindness works and how we perceive things just...

Eyewear Eyeglass Locator

Another invention, never lose your eyeglasses with the eyewear eyeglass locator. Just put this little gadget on the temples and never lose your glasses...

Opti-fun – Ask Marilyn

I just read this in the "Ask Marilyn" section of Parade Magazine today: "I need glasses to see far away. I was surprised to discover...

Optiblog Grog for the Holidays

I haven't done an Optiblog Grog posting for a while but I saw a couple of Grey Goose suggestions for the holidays with lots...

23K Gold Credit Card Cost $1000 To Own

Of course some company has to supercede the American Express Black Card, now passe and dated. The JP Morgan palladium credit card is the...

eyeEco-Re-Use Chinese TakeOut Cartons- Make Lanterns

Since I did the post on Brown Bagging it- if you do take out Chinese Food, think reuse and make some Chinese Lanterns. Even...

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