Aspire Leaderboard June 19

Snarky Shark Towel With Sunnies

Our little optical fun for the day: Shady Shark Towels! Show them you have some teeth or jaws as the case may be with...

Opti-Fun Puppy Wearing Eyeglasses

This little Optical Fun with dogs wearing eyeglasses  is a little beyond me, but different strokes for different folks. Sponsored by AIT Industries

Opti-Fun- Optical Illusions

I always find these fun- optical illusions! 

Optical Fun- Chocolate Mint Cookies

I know these cookies aren't too Chrismakuh, but am having major Holiday Cookies Jones. I love chocolate and mint cookies, think I will try...

Optical Fun: Cataract Awareness Month

June is Cataract Awareness Month and we found a opti-fun! Cataracts occur in over 24 Million people in the USA and one of the...

A Little Social Media Humor

You may have already read this, but is came in at a good moment and thought I would share for those of us that...

Illinois College of Optometry- Student Life

Vick Chan, a 3rd year student at ICO, tells us about student life at the Illinois College of Optometry.

Happy Day Of The Dead or Día de los Muertos

November 1,2 is The Day Of The Dead, a Mexican holiday. About 5 years ago I was in Mexico and able to celebrate this...

Top 9 Of The Weirdest Mens Fashions for 2012

I don't want to forget the men in some of our weirdest fashions. Men in skirts, men in pastels, men in geometric designs, men...

Fun Make-Up Halloween Ideas

If you are into makeup and want to dress up  for Halloween- fun ways to use makeup. Other ideas are from Trendhunter

What Do You See?

My husband and I love to walk around different neighborhoods, just for fun and to get some exercise. We saw this topiary garden and...

Optical Fun: You Know You Need Back Up Glasses When…

Our optical fun for the day. You know you need back up eyeglasses and sunglasses for that matter.. when someone takes your shades.

Eye Like To Eat: Roasted Tomato & Butternut Squash Soup

Sandra Young's Visionary Kitchen is now hot off the printing press.  It was available in the Biosyntrx booth at the Academy of Optometry meeting in Seattle,...

Pickles Licks His Eyeglasses Clean

Pickles does what many people do to clean their eyeglasses: Gross! Today's Opti-fun is sponsored by Nanofilm, Ultra Clarity® Lens Care. The lens cleaning choice...

I Can’t Believe It-Eye-Mazing Lips

I know this isn't about eyewear, except these are pretty fantastic artistic lips by Paige Thompson Viridis Somnio on Deviant Art. She has Crabs, Caterpillers,...

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