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Optical Industry Trends- Sustainability Wins-

  The Tree Hugger in me- is so happy to hear this reports. A.T. Kearney in his latest report announced that Sustainable companies are up...

Kaiser Permanente to Green the Health Care Industry

This is an old article from 2007. What is interesting is Kaiser started Greening Health, way before it became the 'In Thing' to do....

State of the Optical Industry

We received a report from Vision Watch, stating the optical industry was down $500 Million in 2008. Vision Watch tracks and looks at the...

Consumer Spending Habits- Does This Affect The Optical Market?

Good News for Retailers- Competing in this market- Consumers are still buying! By Mike Duff "Just how consumers will respond to the economic downturn is...

Vision Care at Work

As those of us in the industry well know, a lot of people do not have an annual eye exam and many adults have never...

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