Optimizing Your Optical Website- Google Analytics

If you are a techie guru, you probably don't need to read this. If you have a website or a blog and are not...

Can YELP Help? Grow Your Optical Business

I'm online alot, doing research, trying to come up with ways to help you grow your optical business. Another great source is YELP. "Yelp...

6 Free Sites to Increase Your Optical Business

This article is for those who have a website or a blog. First I want to tell you I am the most un-techie person...

Are You X-Rated? The Consumer Wants to Know

ave you ever checked out what the consumers say about you and your services? If you haven't I highly recommend you do so. You see, it doesn't make any difference what you think, it's what the consumer thinks. Just Google optical/optometrist/opthalmogist ratings in your city and see what they say.

Can YouTube Help You?

Can Google and YouTube Help Retailers Download Profits? Friday November 14, 2008 Eye Boggling Stats 92 Million People Watch an average of 54.8 videos a year 75%...

Blogging For Dollars and Optical Patients

Many people have asked us what a blog is. A Blog is a journal kept on the internet. This journal is often updated daily and...

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