Aspire Leaderboard June 19

Optical Ad- Lynx Optique

What I really like about this optical advertisment is the jazzy music and the showing of unique eyewear. Lynx Optique looks like a fun,...

Opti-Fun- French Sunglass Ad

This is cute but different little Eyeglass ad. A little slow, but gets the point across. 

Fun Optical Ad- Retro- Oliver Goldsmith Goggles

Interesting Optical Ad- Retro 1980's- Note how the same styles then are being recycled into the same styles to day! Update the music and...

Fun Sunglass Ad- Ray Ban Commercial

What I find interesting about this Ray Ban ad- it's timeless- it could have been produced 30 years ago and still can inspire people...

Welcoming New Optical Patients

In a 1 mile radius from my house, I have 4 optometrists. Not one has a sign like this. What a great way to...

Fun Optical Ads- Thailand

Shirley did this post on Thailand Optical shops. I thought I would should you their advertising. It's creative, it's funny and yet gets the...

Fun Sunglasses Ad- Retro Sunglass Ad- Foster Grant

1973 Commercial Foster Grant Moodmaker Sunglasses

Fun Optical Ads- European Content

Warning Foul Language- Funny advert for Observatory Opticians in Muswell HIll, London. Won a silver award for advertising at the 1997 Cannes Advertising Awards...

Creative Ways to Use Co-op Advertising for the Optical Professional

I did a post on Co-op Advertising. You might think it is not for you, but there are many creative ways to use Co-op....

7 Tips To Maximize Optical Co-op Advertising

Beginning of the year- you have a marketing plan and a budget, hopefully you did not forget to consider Co-op Advertising as a way...

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