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TEFtalk – Rédélé Eyewear

At the Bold Optical Fair, TEF Magazine had a TEFtalk interview with Stefano Vanin from Rédélé Eyewear, talking about their political drive to create independent eyewear...

TEFtalk – Video interview with Charmossas

At Bold Optical Fair, we talked to designer Carla Isabel Pires from the Barcelona based eyewear brand Charmossas. Focused on a wide variety of colors,...

TEFtalk – Zen Barcelona – Vision Expo East At Vision Expo in New York, we had a talk with Jean-Baptiste from Zen Barcelona. We have seen some amazing eyewear coming from that...

TEFtalk – Video interview with Nirvan Javan

So what do you do when the University of Design keeps telling you NO, but still you have all this creativity inside you. Do...

TEFtalk – Video interview with Ross Brownlee from Hilco Vision

At Vision Expo East in NYC, we sat down with Hilco Vision CEO Ross Brownlee, chatting about the 5 different categories of services they...
Optical Business News Podcast

Optical Business News Podcast – Patched In With Patch

Daniel speaks with Brett Plotzker and Jeremy Bluvol, the co-founders of Patch.       PATCH  

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