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Tip Of The Day: Seven Things

What I love most about Doug Fleener are his simple ways to coaching staff. His Take Five Tips on increasing productivity and morale, but I...

Independent Opticians And VSP Updates

This is the recent news we received from the OAA regarding VSP and Out Of Network Claim Filings. For more information, contact VSP directly...

Super Systems Gets Approval For In House Lab For Eye Med

We received this video from Super System- Fast Grind International; John Corsini, President of Super Systems Optical Technologies, shows how the Fastgrind 2200 operates. Fast...

Should You Take Vision Insurance?

There has been some interesting threads on Facebook forums about taking vision insurance. It is also a trend to stop taking any type of...

House Passes Health Care Bill – What about Vision Care?

The House health care bill passed Saturday 11/7/09  would: Require most Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. Expand health care coverage to 36...

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