Aspire Leaderboard June 19

MP3 Sunglasses Video

Thumbs Up's MP3 Player Sunglasses recently featured on the BBC's Something for the Weekend.

Good Reads for Optical Blog Readers – Get a Kindle!

Cathy and I are avid readers and thought it would be a good idea to do recommended good reads for our Optical Blog readers....

Emergency Preparation-Solar Powered Radio-Flashlight

There has been quite a debate here in San Diego about having power shut-offs in the back country to minimize fires. As you may...

Eco Fun- Smencils For Optical Customers

Going for that Toxin- Free Eco Eyecare? Try these fun Environmentally Friendly Gourment Smelling Smencils. Made with recycled newspapers wrapped around #2 lead-and biodegradable...

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