Cat Eyes VS Geek Chic Eyeglasses


I recently read one of the Totally Optical Forum polls in Vision Care Product News. This particular poll’s conclusion was that Geek Chic was far out trending Cat Eyes! 45% to the Geeks vs 8% to the Cat Eyes. Then I read another article in a leading consumer magazine that said Cat Eyes were hot! Frieze frames specialize in both, they tell us each category is hot so much so that they and have released new styles in both categories in the new ERA collection.  Either way it looks like you can’t go wrong having a great selection of both Geek and Cat Eyes so we asked some of sponsors to showcase some of each!

Let’s start with the cat eyes:

I love the blue  in this cat eye frame from Legre and the half rimless Mario Galbatti from Best Image Optical has a very vintage style.

Legre cat eye - LE 192

Mario Galbatti Model 146

Frieze frames ERA 36 Raspberry

Red is always a great color for cat eye shapes, and I like how the crystal back softens the raspberry red in this ERA frieze frame:

Two colors together work really well, lavender alone is too “old lady” but mixed with tortoiseshell it has a very feminine but updated look – see Classique’s Lisa Loeb Truthfully.

Lisa Loeb Eyewear - Truthfully

The Geek Look:

Geek Look frames must be in, Macy’s have  them on their Father’s Day Sale Cover models:

For starters try Big, Black and Bold with Modern Optical Big Max

Modern Optical Big Max

For a those Geeks wanting to be a little less bold they could wear Tura’s black  with crystal back and for  those that like color and detail McGee‘s Argyleculture Magriffe in brown/tortoise/blue is perfect.

McGee Magriffe

Tura 583007 - Humphrey Collection

Cathy did a fabulous post last week on her eyewear trend report for May so if you missed it here is the link and note there is quite a mix of shapes and looks!


Aspire MidPage June 19


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