Cases For Causes Marketing For Eyecare Professionals


There are a few ‘big’ optical companies that I think eyecare retailers can learn alot from. One company is Jins! (Marketing Lessons From Jins). One of the great things they do is their program Cases For Causes, that any eyecare professional can do on a local level.

For instance in San Francisco, where they opened their Flagship store, they developed a San Francisco BayKeeper case, which can be purchased at checkout. Special hashtags, and employee involvement, make this a great local cause.

Wildlife Conservation in another #casesforcauses is an important issue as well.

Jins has alot of Causes and Cases, because they are a global company with over 350 stores. A small – local brick and mortar eyecare company does not have to have all those cases, they can just do a local cause(s). The cost would be minimal:  come up with their own brand design and have it customized for them and sell it at checkout and donate a portion to the Cause. It is a simple and effective way to appeal to locals and give back to the community.

More information at Jins!

Claire Goldsmith MidPage