Captivating Hermes Blowing Scarves Window – Wow!


Bill Gerber sent us this video of Hermes Blowing Scarves Window. It is very captivating and inspirational for getting creative with window displays.

Bill says: “Here’s something I ran across today that is so exhilarating. Look at the way the artist Tokujin Yoshioka uses whimsy and scale to entertain and captivate at the Maison De Hermes in Tokyo. This is a big Wow!! Scarves hanging in the window seem to flutter in concert with video imagery of a Japanese actress blowing at them. The installation will be on display until January 19, 2010. The creativity exhibited here is what really tickles my fancy, that’s for certain. Think this is only available to the highest of brows? Not. Now the technology’s available to any of us to create multimedia installations that are only limited to the imagination. I have recently evaluated and determined the viability of video projection, holograms, 3d monitors, large format graphics and solar (i.e. ambient light) powered motors.

Up til now, doing something like this was cost prohibitive. No more. The right coordination of content; Most Fashion and technology vendors have content that can be used to form the basis for an interactive window. There are many resources available to help put together amazing and compelling window displays. If you have the frontage, why not make it work for you?”

Claire Goldsmith MidPage